September 25th, 2016

Knowles weighs in with angling double

Updated: 6:05 pm, Dec 03, 2015

RICHARD Knowles made it two wins in a row as he topped the field with the best weight of the month at Alvechurch Fisheries.

Despite fishing off unfancied peg 30, he used waggler and maggot tactics up to the rushes over a number of lines to net carp up to 12lb and boosted his weight with a quality net of barbel up to 5lb for 108.4.

Johnny Newton (Smithy’s Angling Centre, peg 11) was second with 52.14. He fished long pole and maggot up to the island over a number of swims to net a few carp and stockies.

Ron Taylor (peg 3) fished the long pole and caster out in front for his mixed bag of 21.3 for third place, ahead of fourth placed Malcolm Brown, peg 34, with a mixed bag of 20.8 using straight lead and maggot tactics up to the island.

TREVOR Hodges took first place in the Alvechurch Fisheries Saturday Third Winter League at Horseshoe Lake.

Drawing peg 13, Hodges opted to fish down the left margin with pole and maggot alternating short and long lines where he found carp up to 12lb in the sheltered conditions.

His total weight of 99.0 also included a silver fish net of barbel and ide.

In second place was Tony Musticone (peg 24) who started off on pole and maggot out in front, switching late to the waggler up to the aerator for a net of carp 8lb and barbel to weigh 74.13.

Steve Bellion (peg 28) adapted waggler and maggot tactics up to the island for his mixed bag 44.12 to finish third.

Ron Taylor (peg 36) alternated a number of swims with pole and caster for his mixed bag 39.15 while Danny Tresigne (Colmic, peg 5) went down the waggler and maggot route for his mixed net of 39.12.

Les Ayres (peg 6) rotated waggler and bomb tactics up to the island for his mixed bag of 34.5 for sixth place.