September 25th, 2016

World record for longest squash match smashed at Barnt Green Sports Club

World record for longest squash match smashed at Barnt Green Sports Club World record for longest squash match smashed at Barnt Green Sports Club
Updated: 8:01 pm, Sep 27, 2015

TWO fund-raisers from South Birmingham have set a new world record for the longest ever game of squash.

Businessman Len Granger and property developer Jamie Barnett were on court at Barnt Green Sports Club for a breath-taking 38hrs and 24secs.

They began their gruelling marathon match at 7am on September 4 and finally finished on September 5.

And the tenacious pair, who smashed the previous record of 35hrs and 3mins, raised £4,000 for charities St Paul’s Hostel in Worcester and the Hospices UK in the process.

The pair had to go through a rigorous training and eating programme ahead of the epic game which was generously supported by sponsors mfg Solicitors, Essential Marketer, Arden Estate Agents and Printigo.

Len said he still could not believe they had beaten the record.

“After about seven hours, we were exhausted but still so short of the record, it got very tough.

“The amount of support we had from people we’d never seen before and who had probably never been to a squash court before was electrifying.

“People were watching us live on the internet and sending their support via comments on YouTube, all of which helped to keep us going.

“I have to admit I started crying a bit at 37 hours when I realised that we’d broken the record and were only an hour short of the goal we had set for our own.”

Jamie added: “Len and I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who committed themselves to witnessing, steward, marking, massaging, operating cameras and more through the event.

“We also want to thank our amazing sponsors and the University of Worcester for putting us through the fitness regime that helped us achieve the record.

“The generosity and enthusiasm from everyone has been nothing short of incredible.”

The pair kept themselves going with drinks and snacks brought to them on the court – with short five minute refreshment and massage breaks every hour – allowed under the Guinness Book of World Records regulations.

Maynard Burton, chairman of sponsors mfg Solicitors, who himself is an experienced squash player, said: “What Len and Jamie have achieved is beyond incredible.

“For many people staying awake for 38 hours is a gruelling challenge in itself but to be playing such a high energy sport the whole time makes it even more so.

“I have no idea how they did it but we are all extremely proud of them, and the way they have raised so much money for such important causes.”