September 26th, 2016

Top Bromsgrove GP calls for a U-turn on Alex maternity unit closure

Top Bromsgrove GP calls for a U-turn on Alex maternity unit closure Top Bromsgrove GP calls for a U-turn on Alex maternity unit closure

A TOP Bromsgrove GP has called on the local health trust to reverse its closure of the Alexandra Hospital’s maternity/obstetrics unit as soon as possible.

Dr Jonathan Wells, three of whose children were born at the Alex, spoke to The Standard about the unit which was shut by health bosses at midday on Thursday.

He said: “Even though I knew services have been under threat, I was still shocked at the unexpected news that obstetrics at the Alexandra was to undergo emergency closure on a temporary basis.

“All efforts must be made to reverse this change as soon as possible.”

And he warned that there was now “a very significant concern that the ‘temporary emergency service change’ will not be reversed.”

Redditch and Bromsgrove Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), under the chairmanship of Dr Wells, had called for six key conditions to be completed in the likelihood of the health trust centralising maternity and overnight child cases in the county.

These were:

1 Public consultation on the clinical and financial sustainability of the model.

2 Public consultation on a free-standing midwife-led unit for low risk births.

3 Closure of the Alex’s obstetrics unit would not take place until there was adequate capacity elsewhere, so that women could have a choice of place of delivery.

4 The provision of a seven day maternity assessment and day case unit at the Alex.

5 A clear expectation that a significant sum would be required to provide capacity for the changes.

6 That public transport issues would be addressed.

None of these was met by the trust when it announced last Friday – at 5.15pm – the maternity unit at the Alex would close with all services transferring to Worcestershirre Royal Hospital on the grounds of clinical safety.



HEALTH chiefs have acknowledged that their decision to close the Alex maternity unit, which they insist is on a temporary basis, has caused ‘understandable anxiety’.

“The fragility of some of our services have been trailed for some time and the fact that we have reached this tipping point should not come as a surprise,” interim chief executive Chris Tidman told a health board meeting on Wednesday.

And he said the decision would not be reviewed until February 2016 and only then if they had the specialist staff in place to re-launch the service in Redditch.

“It’s far more preferable to take this decision now and have the debate so that all the assurances are put in place, for example over parking and public transport.”

He described the closure of the maternity unit as an emergency decision, taken due to staff shortages, but said it had been taken in a planned way and that the matter would go out to public consultation ‘and addressed properly’.

He insisted that Worcestershire Royal did have the capacity to cope with the extra demand and that he was confident ‘they could make this work’.

The trust has set up a hotline for anxious patients while maternity staff in Redditch will be expected to transfer to Worcester. Health chief said a shuttle bus would be laid on for those facing transport difficulties.