September 30th, 2016

Sister of Hillsborough victim shocked at revelations

Sister of Hillsborough victim shocked at revelations Sister of Hillsborough victim shocked at revelations
Updated: 10:53 am, May 07, 2015

THE BROMSGROVE woman who’s brother died in the Hillsborough stadium disaster has admitted her shock at how much fresh information has been unearthed at the new inquests.

Since the hearings resumed in May they have now progressed onto the detailed circumstances surrounding the 1989 tragedy based on expert witness accounts.

The inquests have now revealed that plans to increase the amount of turnstiles at the Leppings Lane End where the disaster originated, were scrapped in 1985. The jury has also been told nothing was done to improve safety after a crush barrier in the stand was removed three years before the ill-fated FA Cup semi-final.

It has also emerged Nottingham Forrest fans had three times as many turnstiles open to them than Liverpool supporters on the day. Dr Wilfred Eastwood, who was chief engineer for stadium at the time, has also claimed the disaster would have been prevented if police had not shut 12 turnstiles on one side of the ground effectively forcing an extra 6,000 fans (resulting in 10,000 in total) into Hillsborough through Leppings Lane on the day.

The former club secretary of Sheffield Wednesday who served in the role until 1986 admitted he restricted ticket sales on two occasions for that area of the ground due to having his own fears for supporters’ safety.

Louise Brookes, from Sidemoor, whose brother Andrew Brookes was one of the 96, said: “I knew a lot was going to come out but I did not expect this much so soon.

“It has been worse that I expected and it is going to get worse still.”

Ms Brookes added it was ‘disgraceful’ the truth was only coming out now after Liverpool fans had been blamed for causing the disaster for the last 25 years by police and false media reports.

The inquests continue.