September 25th, 2016

Sidemoor man convicted after driving scooter into policeman and his car

Sidemoor man convicted after driving scooter into policeman and his car Sidemoor man convicted after driving scooter into policeman and his car
Updated: 2:20 pm, Sep 17, 2015

A SIDEMOOR man drove his mobility at a policeman’s legs before he did the same to his car causing hundreds of pounds worth or damages, a court heard.

A warrant, without bail, has now been issued for Stuart James Taylor, of York Road, after he failed to turn up for his trial and was found guilty of a number of charges at Redditch Magistrates’ Court on Monday (September 14).

The 42-year-old has been convicted of criminal damage and assaulting a police officer after an incident on December 26, 2014. He was also found guilty of failing to surrender to bail on June 6.

The court heard police received a call about 1.45pm on December 26 regarding a man on a mobility scooter who was driving the wrong way down the A48, in Rubery, towards the Lydiate Ash island.

A police officer attended within minutes to make sure he was okay and found Taylor driving down the dual-carriageway towards Woodrow Lane and Bromsgrove.

The policeman, who gave evidence from the witness box, said he began to follow him, indicating for him to pull over at a nearby bus stop.

Taylor instead turned down Woodrow Lane and then went down a footpath putting himself back on the A38.

The officer caught up with him and put his car over the footpath to stop Taylor going further.

He added Taylor then pulled up onto a drive and turned his scooter around to face him.

“I got out my vehicle to speak to him and I asked why he was driving down the wrong way on a dual-carriageway and he said ‘I don’t want to speak to you and I don’t have to speak to you.

“Then for no reason he drove at me – it collided with both my legs. I managed to prevent him from going through me by putting my hands on the handle bars, he nearly knocked me off my feet.”

The officer said he asked Taylor why he had driven into him before informing him he was under arrest. This was when Taylor said ‘get out of my way I am not speaking to you, I don’t have to speak to you’ before he drove at a gap between the police car and a lamppost.

However the scooter was too big to fit and he became wedged in, creating a two inch crack on the car bumper.

The court heard when Taylor was asked about his actions in an interview he said: “I don’t have to speak to you if I don’t want to, this is England not Holland.”

Chairman of the bench John Chester said he found all three matters proven.