September 28th, 2016

Rubery school staff hit back at work stress

Rubery school staff hit back at work stress Rubery school staff hit back at work stress
Updated: 1:21 pm, May 27, 2016

STAFF at Holywell Primary School have embarked on an inspiring new project which aims to improve both physical fitness and mental health.

The first ‘Stress Box’ sessions took place last week to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week. The idea was first introduced to the school’s headteacher Angela Jones by fitness instructor and life coach Liam Blackwood who is researching the benefits of combining physical exercise with positivity, gratitude and resilience.

Angela said staff had already signed up for a course of six-weekly sessions – which they pay for themselves – and take place in the school hall.

“Teaching is a very demanding professsion so we were looking for something to bring us back together.

“The sessions are structured specifically to physically and mentally banish negativity and replace it with positivity and thankfulness.

“We warm up, run, skip, laugh and box and it is all done to music with big beats and meaningful lyrics.

“It’s exhilarating, exhausting and very powerful, but it has helped to bring us together more as a staff, and appreciate the things which make our careers and our school great.”

She added they were currently reviewing their curriculum to include units of work on mental well-being from reception up to year six.

“We are also hoping to apply for a grant to help us fund mindfulness sessions in school with our more vulnerable.