September 28th, 2016

Rubery ‘being left out of’ the revamps

Updated: 10:45 am, May 07, 2015

RUBERY High Street is being neglected while others around the county are seeing major revamps, claims a county councillor.

Coun Peter McDonald said while the Tory controlled county council bragged about the amount of money being spent on High Streets throughout Worcestershire Rubery was being treated as if it did not exist.

He added Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership (WLEP) had granted £47million to revitalising local economies but there had been no mention ever made of Rubery.

Coun McDonald said for the past 18 years, since 1996, not one penny of the rates paid by the village’s businesses and residents had gone back into reinvesting in Rubery.

“Empty shops are at an all-time high and something needs to be done to keep Rubery’s High Street alive and kicking.

“If something is not done soon Rubery will die and will be just left with one food takeaway after another,” he added.

Coun McDonald said he was now calling upon WLEP’s chairman to meet him and business representatives from Rubery to see what could be done before it was too late.

Peter Pawsey, WLEP’s chairman, said the £47million allocated by LEP was for the Worcestershire Growth Deal which was for specific projects and infrastructure to support the county’s economy so it could not be used for Rubery High Street

“We always welcome the opportunity to liaise with community leaders and businesses and listen to local feedback.

“We are also happy to learn more about the issues affecting Bromsgrove by continuing to work with colleagues at the county and district council,” Mr Pawsey said.

Simon Geraghty, who is responsible for economy, skills and infrastructure, said the Worcestershire Strategic Economic Plan was produced by LEP which focused on key projects that could have the best impact on the economy and created the most new jobs.

He added priorities were set and approved by Worcestershire’s district and borough councils as well as the wider business community.

“We secured £47million for a number of key schemes and the county council and LEP are now focused on ensuring we deliver those projects – this is key to attracting even more funding in the future,” he said.

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