September 28th, 2016

Restaurant launches South African menu in Bromsgrove

Restaurant launches South African menu in Bromsgrove Restaurant launches South African menu in Bromsgrove
Updated: 12:30 pm, Aug 12, 2016

A NEW menu offering ‘traditional pub meals with a South African twist’ has been launched at The Crown Inn in Catshill.

The selection is the brainchild of restaurant manager Vanya Resseau, her partner and chef Jamie Finn and kitchen manager Bonnie Finn who have entered into the venture together.

Vanya spent her early years in South Africa before moving to the UK when she was eight.

A special event was held at the venue last Thursday (August 4) to launch the new menu where invited guests got to try several samples of the dishes on offer.

Among them were chicken bunny chow, the 100 per cent steak burger, the buttermilk chicken burger, salt and pepper squid and beer battered fish.

Vanya told The Standard : “You can get a lot of different foods in the local area here – Chinese, Mexican, Indian but South African is something not really on offer – we wanted to provide something different for residents.

“And because we have ran restaurants before, we have a fair idea of what people like and don’t like.”

Mike, who has been a chef for 25 years both in the UK and in Australia, added: “The feedback from everyone who has sampled the food has been excellent.

“People do love to try something different and the Crown Inn is more homely than other places we have worked in.

“Diners can experience new flavours they’ve never tried before in the pub’s welcoming atmosphere.”

There was also live music on the launch night from Raquel and The Professor – another a taste of what is to come from The Crown.

The team are already planning a number of community events and entertainment evenings, including an Irish night and barbecues.

Call 01527 878030 to find out more or book a table.

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