October 1st, 2016

Plea to Bromsgrove residents to help Hilda transform the lives of children in Uganda

Updated: 1:50 pm, Jan 15, 2016

A BROMSGROVE woman who is helping a Worcestershire charity transform the lives of 340 Ugandan children is seeking sponsors to empower people in a tribal village.

Hilda Roxborough, one of the directors of Planting For Hope Uganda, delivered an eye-opening presentation at St John’s Church in Bromsgrove last Wednesday (January 6), and spoke about the development work in the village of Kititi.

There are 500 people living in Kititi in 55 mud hut homes. Women and children work in the fields and collect swamp water for cooking, cleaning and bathing.

Since its inception, the charity has built the Cornerstone School, comprising three buildings for its 340 children.

A small number of desks, computers, books and pens have been distributed.

However, the charity is seeking people to sponsor individual children for £5 per month, which would buy a school uniform, a pair of shoes, books, pencils and a daily mug of porridge.

Hilda said the village children were introduced to sports like rounders and were mesmerised by play tools such as plasticine.

The presentation showed how they made toys like skipping ropes and balls from natural materials such as banana leaves and palm bark.

It highlighted developments including a women’s cooperative, a programme for sustainable farming and a small clinic with medical supplies donated by supporters from the UK.

HIV is rife though under control, and medication is not working because of malnutrition.

The charity plans to improve medical facilities and sanitation. It also aims to bring mains supply electricity and drill a bore hole to provide fresh water to the villagers.

They also aim to install solar panels, which cost £30 each.

Hilda and partner Terry Moran will travel to Uganda next week with two large suitcases full of items such as books, clothes and shoes. However, they said there is only so much they can carry, which is why donations are vital so resources can be purchased from the nearby town of Masaka.

Visit www.plantingforhope uganda.com for more details.