September 28th, 2016

One-eyed Bromsgrove cats in need of homes

One-eyed Bromsgrove cats in need of homes One-eyed Bromsgrove cats in need of homes
Updated: 12:28 pm, Aug 12, 2016

A TRIO of one-eyed cats are in desperate need of a home after they were neglected and taken in by sanctuary.

Cramar Cat Sanctuary are looking for homes for Aye-Aye, Kane and Plankton, who all suffered serious infections or injuries in one of their eyes and sadly had to have them removed.

Despite the trauma endured from their former owners all three of the feline friends are ready to go to new families following a long recovery from their operations.

Cat Carer, Kim Nash said the eldest of the three, Aye-Aye, had her injury for about 12 months before the sanctuary were able to take her in.

“We think she was hit by a car and that is what caused the injury which was never treated and so it had to be removed.

“these kittens are really difficult to home because most people want the prettiest cats. The ones with nice colours. The ginger ones and the tabbies.

“The older cats and the black ones are the ones no one really wants.

“People also think because they only have one eye they wont be able to function the same but they do. They function just the same as the others.

“We really want to home as many of the cats as possible. have them coming out of our ears at the moment. There is even a waiting list to take more in.”

The sanctuary will be holding an open day on August 21 for residents to visit all the cats and see which one may pull at their heart strings to take them home.

The event starts a midday and is open to all cat lovers on Redditch Road, in Hopwood.

For more information call 0121 445 1840.