September 30th, 2016

Old traditions observed by a new generation at Court Leet Fair Day

Updated: 9:19 am, Jul 01, 2016

RESIDENTS, shoppers and visitors to Bromsgrove came out in force on Saturday (June 25) to see some of the town’s longest-standing ancient traditions.

The annual Court Leet Fair Day and Elizabethan Market began with a parade from Housman Hall to the High Street.

The procession was led by the Bromsgrove School CCF (Combined Cadet Force) Corps of Drums, followed by the Bailiff, Reeve, Jury, Tythingmen, Ealdormen and other Court members.

The procession stopped at the Red Lion for the assize of ale and at the pieman in the market so members could ‘taste flesh’. Then, at the Housman statue, Bellman, town crier Kevin Ward opened the Court, Rev Ray Khan blessed the day and Bailiff John Wheatly read the Charter granted to the town by King John in 1199.

The officers of the Court did the assizes and gave their reports and then history was made when female Juror and Senior Ale Taster Jo Slade became the first woman ever to carry out an active role in the event – she conducted the ale tasting and gave the assize and annual report at the Housman statue.

On the Elizabethan Market in the High Street, the Somers Cup was awarded to the ‘Monks of St John’s Church’ with Bromsgrove Sporting finishing runner-up and Bromsgrove Methodist Church coming third.