September 27th, 2016

‘Mindless lack of planning’ makes diversion in Bromsgrove ‘dangerous’

‘Mindless lack of planning’ makes diversion in Bromsgrove ‘dangerous’ ‘Mindless lack of planning’ makes diversion in Bromsgrove ‘dangerous’
Updated: 4:29 pm, Sep 01, 2016

RESIDENTS in Sidemoor have hit out at the county Highways bosses for making ‘dangerous traffic diversions’ while it carries out work on Stourbridge Road.

Buses and traffic have been diverted via Crabtree Lane since work began which resident Joan Scott, who lives round the corner from Crabtree Lane and Broad Street, said was an accident waiting to happen.

“The other day I was driving along Crabtree Lane behind the 144 when another bus coming from the opposite direction had no choice but to completely mount the pavement and drive along it because it had nowhere else to go.

“This was very dangerous because a child could have come running out at the same time.

“To divert traffic there shows a mindless lack of planning, especially when there are double decker buses going down a road with cars parked down both sides.”

She called for parking restrictions on Crabtree Lane because cars were parked top to tail all the time on both sides of the road, leading to even more traffic and congestion.

And she suggested for the duration of the works, there should be either free parking in the town.

Coun Margaret Buxton, who represents the ward on the district council, said she was concerned about getting onto Broad Street because of the amount of traffic.

“I know they’ve taken a commission for a longer period than they need to do the work, so hopefully it will be finished soon.

“But yes, there needs to be more planning for diversions like this – it is disruptive, however, for the time being people just need to take more care and be more considerate about where they park at the current time.”

Coun Marcus Hart, cabinet member for Highways, said the £60,000 eight-week scheme was an essential piece of work to improve a key route into Bromsgrove which involved laying new pipework, improving the road drainage and resurfacing.

“We hope local residents can bear with us while the work is ongoing and we do accept that the diversion is not perfect.

“However it is the best available alternative route while the work is carried out in Stourbridge road.

“The bus routes are commercially operated and we have passed on the resident’s concerns to the operator so that they can ensure extra care is taken in this area.”