October 1st, 2016

Lost luggage sees Bromsgrove TV presenter and new wife have honeymoon nightmare

Lost luggage sees Bromsgrove TV presenter and new wife have honeymoon nightmare Lost luggage sees Bromsgrove TV presenter and new wife have honeymoon nightmare
Updated: 12:18 am, Jul 29, 2016

BROMSGROVE TV presenter Euan AJ Rose and his new wife Jeanette Price had a nightmare honeymoon after arriving in Paris to find their luggage was still at Birmingham International Airport.

The discovery – that it had not been loaded onto the AirFrance flight – was made on Sunday morning after they jetted in.

The couple were told their luggage would be sent on a later flight that evening and couriered to their hotel but that did not happen.

The suitcase was eventually tracked down by handling crew at Birmingham International Airport and was dispatched Monday evening but by Tuesday morning it had still not arrived.

Euan AJ and Jeanette tied the knot at Salford Hall, near Evesham, last Friday (July 22) and had a family party the following day.

Euan AJ, who presents ‘The Instant Gardener’, had initially told his bride their honeymoon would have to wait until autumn because of his work commitments but secretly he had rearranged his schedule.

Then during the family party he revealed he had booked the romantic four-day break at the exclusive five-star Maison Souquet hotel, complete with VIP tickets to the World-famous Moulin Rouge cabaret. She was overwhelmed with tears of joy, but they soon turned to tears of despair as the luggage debacle unfolded.

Speaking from the hotel on Tuesday, Euan AJ said the Maison Souquet staff were wonderful, calling AirFrance on an hourly basis.

“Friends are joking that we don’t need clothes on our honeymoon anyway, but we were so looking forward to dressing up for our VIP Moulin Rouge trip.

“We’re trying not to let this ruin our honeymoon, but I didn’t imagine my planned romantic trip to Paris would be spent shopping for essentials such as toothpaste and undies.

“By the time the case finally turns up, we will be on our way home.”

The pair then received another blow when they were told their return flight on Wednesday evening had been cancelled due to strike action, leaving them stranded in France for another night.

An AirFrance spokesperson a ‘property irregularity report’ was launched after one of the pair’s two bags did not arrive.

She added, according to records, the bag was located on Tuesday and handed over to the delivery company at the French airport.

But then, having investigated further, they found the delivery company failed to reach the couple and the hotel they were staying at on several occasions in order to establish delivery was possible.

“This is compulsory procedure that the bag delivery cannot take place until contact is made with the customers or hotel.”

She added the information was relayed to Mr Rose’s agent and after the operator contacted the delivery company again the bags reached the pair on Wednesday morning (July 27).

She concluded by saying the luggage delay and impact on their holiday was very much regretted.

“For the inconvenience caused Air France offered the reimbursement of any direct costs / first needs expenses and we await the necessary details to be forwarded to us to proceed.”