October 1st, 2016

Inspirational film shot in the Lickeys

Inspirational film shot in the Lickeys Inspirational film shot in the Lickeys
Karlina Grace and Robyn McKinson during the filming in the Lickey Hills. 2415013B
Updated: 10:17 am, Jun 14, 2015

BROMSGROVE and Redditch took centre stage at the weekend for a short film about the true story of an American athlete who defied the odds to become an Olympic champion.

Unlimited has been produced by Rednal man Nigel Davey and Ian and Dominic Higgins from Pixel Revolution Films, from Hopwood, have directed the piece.

It centres around Wilma Rudolph who suffered from Polio when she was ten. That left her unable to walk but, by the time she was 20, because of her pure determination, she had become three-time Olympic Champion.

Among the venues chosen for filming were Hillscourt in the Lickey Hills and the running track at the Abbey Stadium.

The short film is part of an inspirational series for schools across Britain and America to encourage students who think they do not fit in to go on and achieve any ambitions they have.

The other films in the series – Genius and Evolution – tell the stories of a young Albert Einstein and a young Charles Darwin respectively.

Mr Davey told The Standard: “We have had so much support in the making of these films from across the region, people coming forward with 1950s props and the costumes from The Birmingham Rep Theatre, top actors from our area have appeared and others have travelled from London and even Scotland to be involved.

“The dramas are all powerful short films and we hope they will inspire students to maybe get though a bad patch in their life and go on to make a difference.”

The team also have a feature film coming out called All That Remains at the end of the year. That tells the true story of a survivor of the atomic bombing in Nagasaki Japan.

Visit http://www.pixelrevolutionfilms.com/ for more on the films and type in @nigeldaveyfilms to follow Mr Davey on Twitter.