September 27th, 2016

Dog had to have eye removed after being found wandering Bromsgrove’s streets

Dog had to have eye removed after being found wandering Bromsgrove’s streets Dog had to have eye removed after being found wandering Bromsgrove’s streets
Updated: 11:11 am, May 07, 2015

A DOG found wandering the streets of Bromsgrove had to have one of her eyes removed because it had such a severe infection in it.

And now vets are battling to see if they can save her other eye which has become ulcerated.

The shocking revelations about Schih Tzu Fairy come from Worcestershire Dog Warden Pip Singleton who has spoken out about the case in a bid to raise awareness of canine cruelty and bring it to an end.

Pip said: “Fairy’s iris and cornea literally has burst through the eyeball because of the infection and the pressure would have been immense.

“I can only describe this, in human terms, as having a massive constant migraine for a long time.

“Fairy would have been in great pain and if her owners had sought help from the vets when the infection was in its early stages, all this could have been avoided and she would have kept her full eyesight.”

She added when Fairy was rescued she was really distressed and in absolute agony leaving vets no choice but to remove the eye.

“She is much happier now and an absolute darling but once again the council taxpayer has picked up the bill because owners weren’t prepared for the financial responsibility that having a pet brings.” said Pip.

Fairy is one of a number of cases which Pip and the team have had to deal with recently.

Another saw a box of five puppies being dumped in Kidderminster in a really bad condition. Sadly three of the youngsters began fitting and needed a huge amount of medication, time, patience and treatment to make a full recovery.

And Max, a Collie Cross picked up in Redditch, was so emanciated he could hardly stand. Although everything was done to save him, his situation was so bad he had to be put down, leaving Pip heartbroken.

WRS joint committee chairman Mark Bullivant said: “When we make purchases like buying a car or a kitchen appliance, we research these products.

“Yet people get pets without looking into the true cost of time and money that they will need.”

He added he was sickened by the way animals were neglected and ill-treated.

“Please think twice before you get a pet because they really are for life,” he said.