September 30th, 2016

Councillor helps Clinton on way to White House

Councillor helps Clinton on way to White House Councillor helps Clinton on way to White House
Updated: 10:42 am, Feb 05, 2016

A BROMSGROVE councillor has taken a trip across the pond to help Hillary Clinton in her quest to become the Democrat candidate for the US Presidential Election.

Coun Chris Bloore flew out to New Hampshire on Friday (January 28) and got straight to work canvassing for the former first lady and lending a hand in helping her narrowly secure the Iowa vote against opponent Senator Bernie Sanders .

Having been a fan of American politics and TV show the West Wing for many years, Coun Bloore welcomed the opportunity to find out more about their system and said he hoped to learn a thing or two about the projects they had which he could apply to Bromsgrove on his return in two weeks time.

He said: “The caucus in Iowa and the primary in New Hampshire are famous throughout the world because anyone has a shot.

“I think she’s an exceptional candidate and will do a lot for ordinary Americans and perhaps not make the foreign policy mistakes some Presidents before her have done.

“If I can help her, even in a small way, to make it to the White House then I’ll be very proud.”

He had the joy of meeting Hillary Clinton at a rally on Tuesday (February 2) which he worked on at Nashua Community College.

“I’ve always had the utmost respect for Hillary Clinton, especially the work she’s done to raise the importance of women’s issues across the world.

He is using his holiday to cover his visit and will still be doing his casework during the evenings after a hard day canvassing for what he believes is a good cause.

“The choice between the Democrats and Republicans is so stark and who wins the White House race has such a massive impact on the rest of the world,” he added.