September 26th, 2016

Cofton Hackett residents furious over bus drivers urinating in public

Cofton Hackett residents furious over bus drivers urinating in public Cofton Hackett residents furious over bus drivers urinating in public
Updated: 10:58 am, May 07, 2015

HORRIFIED Cofton Hackett residents have called for action after complaints over bus drivers using a busy stop to relieve themselves.

At a village PACT (Partners and Communities Together) meeting a number of people reported an issues with drivers having to use the shelter near the Groveley Lane and Parsonage Drive junction to urinate.

Coun Peter McDonald said many residents had complained about their ‘horror’ of actually witnessing drivers going to the toilet, either behind the shelter or between the trees.

“These practices may go on in Third World countries but Cofton Hackett is not part of the Third World and it’s outrageous they should be expected to put up with this.

“More and more buses are now using, Cofton Hackett, as a terminus.” Coun McDonald said.

“The terminus is located at a busy spot with people around all the time and they do not expect to see people urinating when this could easily be resolved by installing a toilet.

“It is as obvious as the nose on your face – drivers are human beings and after a certain time have to respond to the call of nature.

“Residents should not be inconvenienced in this way, it is absolutely shocking – I have called upon Centro to take the necessary action.”

Coun Richard Deeming, Cofton Hackett Parish Counci’s chairman, said it had been an ongoing problem and they had contacted the bus operator to deal with the issue.

He added it had been brought up and was totally unacceptable but unfortunately there were currently not enough toilets.

“A bus driver who has been driving for hours needs to have a comfort break somewhere.

“There are proposals to put toilets on Cofton Park so hopefully that will help.”

A National Express spokesman said the more driver facilities there the better.

He added: “We welcome the call for driver toilets at this location.

“However we do not condone the actions of drivers who have urinated in public – we have spoken to drivers on this route to ensure they know it is not acceptable practice.”