September 26th, 2016

Celebration of dads and bacon sandwich breakfasts at Catshill First School’s Father’s Day event

Updated: 12:59 pm, Jun 22, 2016

THERE was a celebration of dads at Catshill First School last Friday, ahead of Father’s Day on Sunday.

The breakfast of toast, bacon sandwiches and drinks, cooked by trained chef and parent Lou Lacey, provided an opportunity for dads – and some mums and grandparents – to spend some time in school with their children and to see the work they had been doing.

They also participated in a quiz and then the children wrote down reasons they were proud of their dads and the fathers wrote down why they were proud of their sons or daughters.

The event is one of the best attended at Catshill First School.

One dad said: “It was great to see the children within the school environment and how well the staff interact with everyone”

Rosie’s dad added: “It’s great that daddies get a morning to catch up with what their children are doing at school, with an entertaining quiz too.”

And Phoebe’s father said it was fantastic to see how many dads turned out.

Brett Hopley whose son Leo goes to Catshill First said: “This is a fantastic idea for all dads at Catshill First School.

“It is great to have father and son time at school.

“This should be an event all schools hold across the UK.”