September 27th, 2016

Catshill Slimming World group holds its very own Bromsgrove Bake Off to help local girl Caitlyn

Updated: 11:36 pm, Sep 12, 2016

A BROMSGROVE Slimming World group held its own version of the Great British Bake Off to raise funds for a girl who has cerebral palsy.

Members at the group in Catshill collected £1,070 from the event which will help fund some much-needed renovations to the family home of Bromsgrove girl Caitlyn Speed to make her life more comfortable.

Members made lots of healthy cakes and desserts which were, in true Bake Off style, judged at the event by a special guest.

BBC Midlands Today newsreader, and Bromsgrove resident, Joanne Malin, was given the chance to try and grade the goodies.

She said it was great to see the local community come together to help raise funds to improve the life of Caitlyn.