October 1st, 2016

Campaign launched to get Longbridge Lane widened

Campaign launched to get Longbridge Lane widened Campaign launched to get Longbridge Lane widened
Updated: 9:49 am, Dec 18, 2015

A PETITION containing more than 1,200 signatures has been submitted to Birmingham City Council in a bid to get the road next to Longbridge Railway Station widened to ease the traffic chaos in the area.

Coun Andy Cartwright gathered the support, of 1,227 people, to encourage the authority to undo the work that was done to narrow Longbridge Lane from two lanes to one, in each direction.

Residents are concerned the traffic flow has been hindered, causing severe delays at peak times and leaving emergency vehicles stuck in between motorists who have no room to pull over and get out of the way.

Coun Cartwright said: “On Tuesday I saw an ambulance stuck there for 17 minutes trying to get through the traffic and there was just no where for us to move.

“In cases like this it could be a matter of life and death.

“We have got to start listening to local people and local businesses who are using these roads.

“We have to just stop and see if we have got this right and if they think we have then carry but I will not be held responsible when it has been put considerably wrong.”

With new units being added to Longbridge Town Centre all the time, such as the large Marks and Spencer and Boots, the traffic is increasing.

Coun Cartwright added: “I am all for the town centre and I really feel it could be the jewel in the crown of Longbridge.

“I just do not want it ruined by the traffic.”