September 27th, 2016

Calls made to fix leaning lamppost in Rubery

Calls made to fix leaning lamppost in Rubery Calls made to fix leaning lamppost in Rubery
Coun McDonald next to a leaning lamppost on Madley Close. (s)

‘DANGEROUS’ leaning lampposts in Rubery are putting the lives of residents at risk, a councillor has claimed.

Coun Peter McDonald first made complaints to Worcestershire County Council about the street lights, mainly on Clent Road and Madley Close, a year ago.

The Standard also reported on the issue in February last year.

Coun McDonald said he requested for the lampposts to be removed for safety reasons but his pleas had been ignored.

He added in the past concrete street lights had collapsed and crushed cars with literally no warning at all.

“The council still has not removed the offending lamppost, although, it is now leaning at a frightening angle,” Coun McDonald said.

“The county is fully aware of the dangers of concrete lampposts once they have started to lean.

“It will only be a matter of time if the council do not act before someone is seriously injured.

“There can be no excuse for putting people’s lives knowingly at risk.”

Coun McDonald said the council needed to recognise its obligations and act now.

Coun John Smith,responsible for highways, said the lampposts in question had recently been reassessed by inspectors who concluded while there was evidence of some movement it was safe in the ground.

He added the structure itself was not failing and they did not feel the situation required immediate attention.

“We are confident, whilst not ideal in appearance, the column is still safe and working,” Coun Smith said.

“As before, we will continue to monitor it and if its condition deteriorates and it is deemed to have become unsafe in the future we will take the appropriate action.”