September 27th, 2016

Calls for road to be closed for next year’s Bromsgrove Remembrance Sunday service

Calls for road to be closed for next year’s Bromsgrove Remembrance Sunday service Calls for road to be closed for next year’s Bromsgrove Remembrance Sunday service

CALLS have been made for the stretch of Market Street to be closed during next year’s Bromsgrove Remembrance Sunday service to prevent traffic noise from blighting the event.

This year’s parade and service, at the monument on Crown Close, was the best-attended ever, with close to 1,000 people coming out to pay their respects.

But, despite amplifiers being used on the day, some people said they struggled to hear parts of the service because of the traffic travelling along Market Street.

And now they have called for a road closure for the duration of the service.

One person who got in touch was local campaigner Fred Stanley.

He said: “I could hear cars and lorries throughout the service and it was very off-putting.

“The speakers were turned up loud, but with the traffic noise and the wind, which obviously could not be helped, it was still difficult to hear.

“The road was blocked off for the Bonfire Night celebrations at Sanders Park and surely this is more important.”

Helen Coleman, writing on our Facebook page said: “It was a fantastic turnout.

“What a shame that the road behind was not closed to traffic for an hour, as the noise drowned out the service.”

Patrick Smith, the president of Bromsgrove’s Royal British Legion, said: “It would be nice to have the road closed and I am certainly going to look into it.”

The problem, he said, was the cost as the RBL would more than likely have to employ a private traffic management company to undertake the closure.

He added he had enquired about how much it would be and was told, to just close the road temporarily while the parade went past, would be £150.

For the road to be closed for the service, a whole hour would need to be paid for.

Several people also contacted The Standard following Sunday’s service to praise the driver of a lorry for Wilsons funfair which slowed right downso he did not disturb the service.

“Congratulations have to go to the Wilsons funfair driver who drove very slowly and quietly past the event,” added Ms Coleman.

Patrick Smith urged anyone who knew the driver to get in touch with him as he wanted to thank him personally for the respect he showed.

“He literally crawled along – it was a really nice gesture.”

A spokesperson from Bromsgrove District Council said: “Everyone is entitled to apply for a road closure.

“The organisers of the event would have to submit their application to the council more than two months before the event so the relevant consultation can be carried out.”