September 30th, 2016

Bromsgrove’s Waitrose given the go ahead by planners

Updated: 10:55 pm, Apr 04, 2016

MEMBERS of Bromsgrove District Council’s planning committee have given the green light to the new Waitrose-led development on the former Market Hall site.

They voted seven to one in favour of the store which will bring with it up to 60 full and part-time jobs.

As part of the approval, a contribution of £45,922.49 will be provided by the developers for improvements to the Kidderminster Road, Hanover Street and St John’s Street junction.

The public access to the site will be the current one from St John’s Street. There will be 86 car parking spaces (including four disabled and two parent and child spaces), along with four motorcycle spaces and a secure area for eight bicycles.

Deliveries will be done from a barrier-controlled Hanover Street access point with the barrier being closed between 8am and 8pm – while the store is open. A condition has also been placed on the application that when deliveries are done at 5am, the refrigeration units on the HGVs must be turned off.

Replacement trees for those lost to the development will be planted at nearby Watt Close and enhancements will be made to the Spadesbourne Brook, including improvements to the water course and water vole habitats. 

One councillor, independent Coun Stephen Peters, said he was disappointed the store would not be on the exact same site as the former Market Hall as residents would have to walk through the car park to get to the shop.

Other members, however said they were happy with it being on the other side  as it provided a good focal point for people entering Bromsgrove from the Worcester Road and Kidderminster Road.

On the side closest to the town centre will be two other shops. Proposals for those, which have not yet been revealed, will go before planners at a later date.