September 30th, 2016

Bromsgrove Sporting praised for pitching ‘clever’ improvements

Bromsgrove Sporting praised for pitching ‘clever’ improvements Bromsgrove Sporting praised for pitching ‘clever’ improvements
Updated: 10:40 am, May 07, 2015

PLANS to improve Bromsgrove Sporting Football Club’s Victoria Ground have been commended for their creativity and cleverness.

Bromsgrove District Council’s Planning Committee voted unanimously in favour of an application to make a number of improvements to the site allowing it to run more efficiently.

The Rouslers took over the ground in 2010 and it was not long before the running costs began to put financial pressures on those managing the club.

Bosses came up with a development plan for the site, whilst working with the regional and local FA, and looked at what could be done to save money.

The project focused on making savings on electricity and water drainage bills – all the water which falls on the grounds cost money to be drained away.

Parts of the improvements included a new water tank which could be used to collect rainwater for the pitches, saving on drainage and pitch maintenance costs.

As well as this proposals to replace the floodlights which cost more than £2,500 each year were also made – the new lights will be 30 per cent more cheaper to run.

The improvements also included a more efficient electrical system as well as a disable entrance and roof for the social club and two storage garages.

After pitching their idea to the FA it put the club forward for a Budweiser grant of £50,000 – which was successfully won.

The Football Foundation then matched every £1 with £2 taking the grand total up to £150,000 – allowing the club to pay for its project.

Once the works, which are due to be complete by April, 2015, have been finished it will save the club more than £6,000 each year.

Rob Mclaren, Bromsgrove Sporting Football Club’s commercial director, said when the improvements were finished the club was planning a celebratory football match with a few special celebrity guests.

He added: “The extra money means we can invest in health and fitness though football allowing Bromsgrove’s open age team to play at the Victoria ground for many years to come.

“The whole plan is to get the club to engage better with the town because we do not get as much attendance from Bromsgrove people.

“We want to appeal to people and get them to come out and watch their local club.

“Hopefully some new faces will come see football in Bromsgrove and give it the attention it deserves.”

Coun Mark Bullivant said the project was very clever and efficient and had less of a carbon footprint which would help all the neighbours as there would be less light distribution.

He added: “It is excellent news for the club and the community.”

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