September 28th, 2016

Bromsgrove mum slams energy provider over gas mix-up

Bromsgrove mum slams energy provider over gas mix-up Bromsgrove mum slams energy provider over gas mix-up
Updated: 11:07 am, May 07, 2015

A MOTHER of three has been left with an eight month gas bill after an energy company failed to register her home.

Despite contacting the company repeatedly to ask for a gas bill Sarah Castle, of King George Close, said she had been ignored.

It was only after The Standard intervened Scottish Power began to look into the issue and realised she was not on the national register.

Mrs Castle swapped to the gas and electric provider on December 3, 2013, but has not once received a gas bill.

She said when she spoke to the company she was told she was on its database for having a pre-payment meter although she did not have one.

Mrs Castle added she had supplied all the necessary information but the firm failed to amend their records and did not call her back for several months.

She said: “They fobbed me off every time I rang to resolve the matter.

“At the moment I am going to Citizens Advice Bureau for further advice as I have three children and cannot afford for them to turn around and land me with a huge gas bill.

“I have contacted the company so many times and have got so many excuses but nobody would do anything, it was ridiculous.

“I would phone them and would be told someone would phone me back the next day but they never did.

“They have now contacted me and have said they are looking into it and will let me know as soon as it has been resolved,” she added.

Mrs Castle said she had been paying extra onto her electric account to try and cover the gas but she did not know if it would be enough.

A Scottish Power spokesperson said: “The details of Mrs Castle’s gas meter change had not been updated on the national register by a previous supplier and as such, we have been unable to set up an account.

“Mrs Castle has a credit meter installed and not the pre-payment meter that is registered to her address.

“We are arranging for these details to be updated as soon as possible and we have contacted Mrs Castle to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

“We offer assurances once we are able to bill the account correctly, we will agree a suitable payment plan.”