September 25th, 2016

Bromsgrove midwife prepares for special delivery

Bromsgrove midwife prepares for special delivery Bromsgrove midwife prepares for special delivery
Updated: 10:46 am, May 07, 2015

A BROMSGROVE midwife is getting ready for an extra special new arrival – her first granddaughter.

And Karen Kokoska from Stoke Prior could even follow up delivering her niece and nephew by helping to deliver daughter Ami’s baby in June.

Karen, deputy head of nursing and midwifery at the new Meadow Birth Centre at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital, hopes Ami will give birth at the brand new venue.

“It’s a bit nerve-racking as I think we know too much, of course I am not worried about the birth and not worried about her delivering here because we have a fantastic team.

“If she went to Redditch she would have the same care there with our fantastic midwives.” Karen said.

“I shall be happy when we have got baby here and both are safe and well.”

Daughter Ami has moved to Stoke Prior with her partner and is expecting a baby girl. She said her mum had been a huge help during her pregnancy.

“She’s not interfering, it’s nice to have the knowledge when I go ‘oooh mum what’s happening is this ok?’. It’s nice to have her around and she knows what’s happening.” she said.

“It’s a scary experience because you don’t know what’s happening if it’s your first so it’s really nice to have the support.

Proud grandmother to be Karen said: “It’s very exciting as a new granny-to-be and as a midwife having your daughter pregnant.

“I shall be there if Ami wants me there.

“I could deliver Ami if I wanted, I have delivered my niece and nephew but I think I will just be there to support her as her mum, not as a midwife.” she added.