October 1st, 2016

Alex’s pathology move sparks alarm

Alex’s pathology move sparks alarm Alex’s pathology move sparks alarm
Updated: 1:40 am, Jun 05, 2016

ALARM has been raised after pathology services at the Alexandra Hospital were centralised at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

The move, by Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust (WAHT), follows the resignation of three pathologists from the histopathology team at the Woodrow Drive Hospital, with one leaving to join other ex-Alex medics at Warwick Hospital.

Pathologists play a crucial role in diagnosing patients by examining samples taken from them to discover what is wrong.

Neal Stote, chairman of the Save the Alex campaign said: “You have to wonder what staff are left at the Alex and the state of their morale.”

WAHT is currently awaiting the verdict from the West Midlands Clinical Senate into their plans for the future provision of healthcare in the county.

Their report was expected at the end of May with a publication date now set for June 17 at the latest.

A spokesman for WAHT said centralising of services was in line with current NHS recommendations and the Trust was confident it would quickly fill the vacant positions.

“In terms of impact on frontline services at the Alexandra Hospital, we do not believe these changes are significant.

“For example, our surgeons are able to access results electronically and this system is already in place, even when the tests were carried out at the Alexandra Hospital,” he said.