September 29th, 2016

Good deeds bring a positive return for Rubery twins

Updated: 3:38 am, Jul 31, 2016

TWINS who both lost personal items on public transport in the space of three days had them returned by ‘good Samaritans’.

Their actions were praised by Rubery dad Tony Maslen after his son Ben left his wallet on the bus from Birmingham to Rubery on Saturday (July 16) and his daughter Christina mislaid her purse on the train from New Street to Longbridge on July 18.

A man returned Ben’s wallet after finding his address and the purse was posted through Mr Maslen’s letterbox.

He said: “You hear so much about crime and thefts, it’s nice to see there are some good people out there.

“These days losing a purse or wallet is such an inconvenience as we keep so much in them and you have to cancel so much – it’s great these two people did their good deed for the day so Ben and Christina did not have to go through all that.”