October 1st, 2016

Children from Dodford and Charford learn about music, dance and rhythm with Dulcimer workshop

Updated: 3:00 pm, Nov 20, 2015

YOUNGSTERS from schools across Bromsgrove learned about songs and dances from around the world, their movement, music and rhythm.

The children from Dodford and Charford First Schools, along with eight others from Worcestershire got to take part in the specialised, half day workshops as part of the Outreach Programme of the Dulcimer World Congress 2015.

As well as learning about the dulcimer, the children were taught about instruments, including recorders, harp, Native American flute, hurdy gurdy, violin, ocarina, percussion and mandolin.

The sessions were led by Alaskan born Tania Opland and partner Mike Freeman, world class performers and music educators who are visiting Worcestershire to teach and participate in an international congress.

All the schools involved in the workshops came together for a special schools concert where they got to watch performers from all over the world play the instruments they have been learning about.

Sally Whytehead, Chair of Dulcimer World Congress, said they were thrilled the congress was being held in Worcestershire – the first time it had ever been to the UK.

The Outreach Programme was organised with support from Worcestershire Youth Music and councils from across Worcestershire Councils.