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This week's letters: Local elections, Artrix debt, cycle racks and more

Bromsgrove Editorial 16th Apr, 2021   0

NICE to read a letter from Su Lawson in response to mine about the extra bus service to train station and air pollution levels in Bromsgrove.

The only accurate thing in the letter was that I am no longer a member of Bromsgrove District Council (BDC).

Sue states that BRUG (Bromsgrove Rail Users Group) has ‘hailed the extra bus service as a great success’.

BARRUP (as it now is) takes an interest in rail matters in Bromsgrove and Redditch and have never endorsed the proposed extra bus service.

The purpose of my previous letter was to highlight the fact that Bromsgrove railway station has never been better served by local buses, nos 42 43 145 145a 147 and 318 all call at station also taxi rank normally has a cab(s) available for train passengers arriving.

Many would consider it an unnecessary extra bus service to and from the station.

An extra bus especially electric or hydrogen powered would be more beneficial if routed on the district’s heavily polluted roads ie Worcester Road. Bus services have been cut over recent years so many can’t get to or return from work or school and are forced to use cars.

Su castigates my suggestion that if BDC has a spare £250k they may consider spending £30k to clear Artrix’s debts and reopen a fantastic facility providing all shades of cultures for all ages.

I don’t understand her suggestion the petition raised by my son and 5,000 others may have been illegal when other theatres and art centres receive support and grants from local authorities. I still feel ignoring a popular petition is mean spirited, after a dreadful 12 months, a relaunched Artrix could bring us all a bit of cheer and entertainment.

Can I suggest to Su Lawson that I don’t consider your letter ‘pathetic’. It’s a good try but you do need to get your facts and figures accurate to make any sense.

Su mentions local tribalism and nepotism – some truth in first, different parties do have different views and very different aims, the second word used can be seen to be dangerous and has to be proved and tested and it’s a risky word to use in an open letter. For the record my son lives and works in Birmingham and is no longer a member of Bromsgrove Labour Party.

I have no comments on the performance of the current Charford councillor Doc Thompson who she calls ‘superior’.

Charford residents will decide at the ballot box which candidate will suit them best.

Finally, I have indeed retired from service at Bromsgrove Council but remain active politicly and as interested as ever in local – national – international events and politics and will till my demise remain fighting – protesting – and exposing fascism and the current neo liberal populist style of leadership that is currently destroying what was one of the finest democracies on earth.

Sean Shannon

IT’S THAT that time again when we are all being promised a land of milk and honey by local politicians in exchange for our votes.

Local elections should be based on value for money and not along party lines – and for this reason I think we should all vote independent where possible, just look at the figures.

In the last five years my rates have gone up as follows – Worcestershire County Council 11.7 per cent, Bromsgrove District Council 10.88 per cent , Police and Crime Commissioner 26.69 per cent.

So there’s a distinct disparity – the PCC puts up your rates by an extortionate amount (as well as receiving extra funding from the Government) whilst all the time promising more feet on the ground (when did you last see a police officer pounding the beat ) and he still wants your vote.

How many of us especially pensioners have managed a rise of that amount in the last five years?

My opinion is vote independent if possible – if not, give someone else a try – they can’t do any worse.

Stuart Neal

IN ADDITION to the three new cycle racks already spotted and reported (Golden Cross, Waitrose and Retail Park), two more have now popped up.

A small one by the public toilets and another close to Iceland. The common thing with all of them? Not a bike in sight.

It seems Worcestershire County Council’s desire to turn Bromsgrove into the exemplar of a walking and cycling town continues apace.

It’s a shame that the townsfolk haven’t been told what’s expected of them…

Mark Norton


I WOULD like to thank Droitwich Lions for helping us get in touch with Mark, who has kindly helped my mother throughout the Covid pandemic.

He has been shopping for her and taken her to hospital appointments and has given her the confidence of knowing there is someone local, who is willing and able to help during such a difficult time.

Without people like Mark life over the last year would have been very difficult for relatives who live many miles away, especially those with elderly parents. Many thanks to all the wonderful volunteers.

Della Laflin




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