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Bromsgrove District Council election results - Conservatives lose control for first time in 24 years

Bromsgrove Editorial 5th May, 2023 Updated: 5th May, 2023   0

THE FINAL results are in for the Bromsgrove District Council elections and the Conservatives have lost control of the authority for the first time in 24 years.

The council now has ‘no overall control’ after a roller-coaster of an afternoon, where the 30 declarations came thick and fast. At times it was hard to keep up as parties took seats off each other in and around a base of holds.

By the end, the Conservatives finished on 11 seats and remain the largest party but they are five seats short of a majority.

Labour becomes the second largest party on eight seats but to form a majority party would need to speak another group.

The Independents have seven members but have stood on an independent ticket and ‘not tied by party politics’.

The Liberal Democrats have five seats but that would not be enough for a majority.

How the seats were won and lost

Labour were the big winners on the day, holding all four of the seats they had and taking four from the Conservatives and one from the Independents.

The Lib Dems held three seats and gained three from the Conservatives but also lost one to the Conservatives

The Independents took two seats from the Conservatives but lost one to them and one to Labour.

The Conservatives had the worst result of the day – losing nine seats but clawing back two – one from the Lib Dems and one from the Independent – leaving them with a net loss of seven

Reaction to the results

Coun Karen May, who was the district council leader before today, said: “I’m very disappointed we haven’t got an overall win.

“We are still the largest party though.

“We are disappointed with the response – the electorate has spoken and we are listening.”

Coun May, who held her seat in Belbroughton and Romsley, said: “I will go away and speak with the other ten and then we’ll decide what we do next.”

Sam Ammar from the Labour Party said: “This is a brilliant result for us today – we are now the second largest opposition party again.

“People in Bromsgrove are demanding it is run in a different way.

“The Conservatives have been complacent – people want change and the Labour Party can bring about that change.

“We’ve got a strong manifesto to address the cost of living, improve the town centre and address other issues.”

When asked if she would be approaching other parties to try and form a majority she said: “I will need to go and confer with other councillors before we move forward.

“But we are a progressive party and are open to suggestions – what we need to make sure though is if we join others, they also want to make the changes in Bromsgrove that we do.”

Liberal Democrat Rob Hunter, who held his Norton seat with the highest majority of the day, said: “We gained three seats and won five in total but were disappointed not to hold onto Lickey Hills.

“Janet King has been a stalwart in our party for years and has done so much good – she has left a real strong legacy on the council.”

On whether the party would be open for talks to form some kind of coalition to get a majority group he added: “We will be open to speak to any of the others as long as we can get our priorities through – we want Artrix reopened, to protect the green belt and for traffic congestion to be looked at again – with a view to a solution, such as a Western Relief Road or straight spine road.

“I am very excited about this new-look council because over the past four years, ourselves, Labour and the Independents have all had great ideas and put them forward at meetings knowing that we had no chance of getting them through because of the Conservative whip.

“The voters have sent out a clear message they want change and they’re not happy with the way the district is being run and we want to help change that for the people of Bromsgrove.”

Coun Sue Baxter, who held onto her seat for the Independents, welcomed the result but admitted there would be challenges ahead.

“A coalition could be difficult because we, as Independents, would not be able to accept a party whip.

“The council could change from a cabinet model to a committee one with members from the different parties on the various committees and chairing them.

“We also have three new Independents we need to speak to so we can find out their views.

“I think we really do need to find a model to work for the good of the people of Bromsgrove and I think we can do that – we need a more inclusive council where more members have their say and less things are railroaded through.

“We also need to make sure villages get their fair share of the money and transport to and from the villages and town is improved.

“My main concern is that the council does nothing for the next four years and then that gives the Conservatives the chance to regain a majority.”



Barnt Green and Hopwood – IND HOLD

Kiran Gulia (Labour Party) – 123

Charlie Hotham (Independent) 682 – ELECTED

Amritjot Nannar (Conservative Party) – 185


Slideslow – LIB DEM GAIN

Samuel Evans (Liberal Democrats) – 637 – ELECTED

Michael Thompson (Conservative Party) – 342


Lickey Hills – CON GAIN

John Cochrane (Labour Party) – 87

Janet King (Liberal Democrats) – 332

Bakul Kumar (Conservative Party) – 522 – ELECTED


Lowes Hill – LIB DEM GAIN

Rod Laight (Conservative Party) – 233

Joshua Robinson (Liberal Democrats) – 660 – ELECTED


Rock Hill – LAB HOLD

Christopher Appleyard (Liberal Democrats) – 69

Harrison Rone-Clarke (Labour Party) – 453 – ELECTED

Lee Rowley (Green Party) – 41

Richard Williams (Conservative Party) – 170


Sanders Park – LAB GAIN

Mark Boulton (Conservative Party) – 198

Mick Marshall (Labour Party) – 347 – ELECTED

David Pardoe (Independent) – 138

Vanessa Verlinden (Liberal Democrats) – 243


Bromsgrove Central – LIB DEM HOLD

Luv Datta (Conservative Party) – 154

David Peters (Labour Party) – 118

Siobhan Robinson (Liberal Democrats) – 763 – ELECTED


Belbroughton and Romsley (two seats) – CON HOLD TWO

Ros Cooke (Labour Party) – 381

Stan Francis (Independent) – 107

Susan Jones (Independent) – 316

Karen May (Conservative Party) – 1,354 – ELECTED

Simon Nock (Conservative Party) – 1,096 – ELECTED

Gary Prescott (Independent) – 287


Hagley East – CON GAIN

Mark Gibbons (Liberal Democrats) – 105

Lorraine Johnson (Independent) – 353

Ruth Lambert (Conservative Party) – 387 – ELECTED


Catshill North – IND GAIN

Mohammed Amin (Conservative Party) – 141

Martin German (Liberal Democrats) – 29

Andrew Glanville (Labour Party) – 191

Bernard McEldowney (Independent) 203 – ELECTED


Rubery North – LAB HOLD

Andrew Beaumont (Conservative Party) – 278

Peter McDonald (Labour Party) – 518 – ELECTED

Alvechurch South – IND HOLD

Alan Bailes (Independent) – 531 – ELECTED

Eric Godfrey (Labour Party) – 131

Spencer Loades (Conservative Party) – 231

Elizabeth Nicholl (Liberal Democrats) – 34


Cofton – CON HOLD

Anita Dale (Conservative Party) – 318 – ELECTED

Jill Harvey (Green Party) – 175

Christine McDonald (Labour Party) – 277

David Nicklin (Liberal Democrats) – 68


Hill Top – LAB HOLD

Martin Connellan (Conservative Party) – 100

David Hopkins (Labour Party) – 401 – ELECTED

Chloe Leslie (Trade Unionist and Social Coalition) – 42

Sara Woodhouse (Liberal Democrats) – 55


Aston Fields – LAB GAIN

Kyle Daisley (Conservative Party) – 283

Jane Elledge (Labour Party) – 347 – ELECTED

Martine Reynolds (Liberal Democrats) – 277

Nick Trow (Green Party) – 56


Marlbrook – CON HOLD

Mason Cherrington (Reform UK) – 63

Alan Cooper (Labour Party) – 220

Peter Harvey (Green Party) – 142

Helen Jones (Conservative Party) – 439 – ELECTED


Wythall East – CON HOLD

Justin Stanley (Conservative Party) – 378 – ELECTED

Keith Yates (Independent) – 311



Rob Hunter (Liberal Democrats) – 926 – ELECTED

Kumar Muniandy (Conservative Party) – 110


Hagley West – IND HOLD

Steven Colella (Independent) – 827 – ELECTED

Susan Robbins (Green Party) – 78

Jayne Willetts (Conservative Party) – 155


Avoncroft – LIB DEM GAIN

John Ellis (Labour Party) – 322

David Nicholl (Liberal Democrats) – 409 – ELECTED

Philip Thomas (Conservative Party) – 189


Hollywood – CON HOLD

Douglas Bridger (Labour Party) – 186

Derek Forsythe (Conservative Party) – 538 – ELECTED


Wythall West – IND GAIN

Geoff Denaro (Conservative Party) – 336

Stephen Peters (Independent) – 353 – ELECTED


Charford – LAB GAIN

Sam Ammar (Labour Party) – 284 – ELECTED

Gillian Bell (Liberal Democrats) – 62

Sam Johnson (Conservative Party) – 146


Sidemoor – LAB GAIN

Judi Byrne (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) – 21

James Clarke (Liberal Democrats) – 213

Henry Morris (Conservative Party) – 183

David Stewart (Labour Party) – 352 – ELECTED

Rubery South – LAB GAIN

Esther Gray (Labour Party) 465 – ELECTED

Julian Gray (Green Party) – 67

Nick Psirides (Conservative Party) – 289


Alvechurch Village – IND HOLD

Rachael Bailes (Independent) – 487 – ELECTED

Martin Ball (Green Party) – 64

Martin McLeod (Labour Party) – 166

Rebecca Stevens (Liberal Democrats) – 25

Barry Thornton (Conservative Party) – 133


Drakes Cross – IND HOLD

Sue Baxter (Independent) – 372 – ELECTED

Alan Bell (Liberal Democrats) – 43

Trevor Holman (Conservative Party) – 195

Matt Tovey (Green Party) – 48

Perryfields – CON HOLD

Anthony Maslen (Labour Party) – 175

Joanna McKenna (Liberal Democrats) – 90

Kit Taylor (Conservative Party) – 240 – ELECTED

Catshill South – CON HOLD

Barbara Murphy (Liberal Democrats) – 77

Jenny Smith (Labour Party) – 204

Shirley Webb (Conservative Party) – 300 – ELECTED


Tardebigge – CON HOLD

Valerie Clarke (Lib Dem) – 110

Sean Shannon (Lab) – 198

John Smout (Green) – 70

Peter Whittaker (Con) – 442 – ELECTED

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