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Top Tips and Thoughts on Game Improvement and Continuous Progress in FC 24

Bromsgrove Editorial 6th Oct, 2023   0

Many players who come to the most famous football simulator first play career mode and gradually move to online mode.

There are several reasons for this:

  1. No AI currently can compare with real players in terms of analyzing the situation on the field and making decisions. Even with a significant advantage in the ability to play, the opponent will still play dangerously and quite possibly win, just on an intuitive level and perseverance.
  2. The personal factor always plays a role. Live people sit on both sides of the monitor, who are characterized by emotions, and it is not uncommon that even a deliberately losing match ends in victory if, having played 2 backlog balls and getting ahead, they caught the opponent on the rage and simply leaving the match, which is always regarded as a technical defeat without the obligation to finish the meeting.
  3. You can combine any team and squad under the flags of your favorite club. The FUT has a system of cards and a randomizer for receiving them. In order to regularly update the squad and strive to improve game cards, you need to play a lot of matches and save FIFA coins, or buy fc 24 coins from the Skycoach.

First steps

First, choose your club. Pay attention to ideology, colors and personal sympathies, because your playlist will be randomly generated, and not copied from existing contracts, as in career mode.

You will be given a basic set consisting of cards of random players without specific reference to clubs and values to form the first squad, which will be the starting point for starting your matches in FC 24 and undergo calibration to determine your rank and milestone within the divisions.

Divisions are similar to rankings and the better your win rate and ratio to losses in matches during calibration and games in general, the better the progress and the more difficult the selection of opponents.

No one should play against obviously difficult and prepared opponents and against very weak players – a balance must be maintained and matches must be difficult and interesting, against teams of equal strength in order to progress the skill level, develop new tactics and improve the chemistry among the players.

Key points in online mode regarding games and team building that may be useful to you


This is a rating system that takes into account and analyzes your gaming successes – victories, defeats and games with a draw to select the optimal league and promotion and relegation within the divisions in case of compliance, or vice versa lagging behind the average gaming level in this rank.

Within the divisions, there is often a qualifier for tournaments from EA Sports, in which active players are encouraged and given the opportunity to receive one or more gold packs with random players for your team.

Players and kits

You will have to constantly bother and look for ways to update your game composition.

This must be done due to the growth of characteristics that determine success from the actions of specific performers on the field and constant progress from team play, which often determines success in matches.

Sets come in four types and differ in cost and potential spread in characteristics when comparing the same cards with players.

For example, a Bronze and Silver player will differ in speed and chemistry, just as an incentive for overpaying in price and constant potential to upgrade and strengthen the team.

Bronze sets can and should be bought first, until the main team and reserve are fully equipped, then you can move on to silver and participate in events and events for the sake of gold sets and strive for idols – players who will forever remain in the history of world football for their skills and contribution to the development of this popular sport.

The concept of teamwork

When you form your team and prepare for the match, you will have access to the selection of strategies and tactics and, accordingly, the distribution of the positions of the players.

When you sort the players by their roles and positions on the pitch, you will see the chemistry value, which is formed from real interaction indicators, for example, belonging to the same club in the real FIFA rankings and simply a combination of indicators and value levels from cards and in-game ranking.

In fact, the level of interaction between players in related positions and just the team as a whole is no less important than their performance on the cards.

One talented player will lose to an average but well-played team that will respond better to the loss and acquisition of the ball, changes in the situation on the football field, take better positions to secure their teammates and generally behave more as a team – attack together and go on defense together.

Events, tournaments and tasks

FC 24 has a lot of activities that are associated with regular and special matches that are needed to earn the main currency – FIFA coins, which are useful for acquiring new players, as well as sets where they can be obtained randomly.

FIFA has many obvious and not obvious ways to earn coins, so let’s look at all of them.


These are in-game tasks and activities that must be completed with a clear time reference in order to have time to receive your reward in the form of coins.

Usually tasks are designed for intra-match activity and sometimes you can even complete them unnoticed.

Tasks can be scoring goals, putting players from a certain country on the field, not receiving penalty cards, and other ordinary and complex tasks that need to be carefully reacted to rather than really make an effort to complete them.

The task has no obligation to complete it in one match – it is important to be in time before the update deadline, otherwise you will simply lose all progress and move on to new tasks and assignments.

Tournaments and events

These are EA Sports events that require qualification and selection in order to get into the main part.

Quite often, qualifiers simply have a formal status to weed out weak players from the next stage. You need to score 1250 points in the division during the week to move on to the next stage – this is not difficult to do if you have a large number of victories, or constant participation, because points are also awarded for losses and draws.

At the end of the week, the system calculates points and if you managed to score the required value, then you will get the right to start passing qualifications, where you are guaranteed to receive at least 1 random gold set even if you lose all matches and go further, and if you manage to win, or pass the selection stage, then there will be more rewards.

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