The Remarkable Mrs Cox Blog - Lockdown Day 2  - Our Queen and our Stephanie - The Bromsgrove Standard

The Remarkable Mrs Cox Blog - Lockdown Day 2  - Our Queen and our Stephanie

Bromsgrove Editorial 9th Apr, 2020   0

MRS COX continues her isolation by chatting with her husband Lenny who died 75 years earlier – just at the end of the Second World War.

Hello mate – first orf I must tell you I watched Lizzie last night and ‘er brought a lump to me throat – sprightly young thing she is a 93 – eight years younger than me. Wonder if she’ll send herself a telegram when she joins the three-figure club?

Wonderous speech though – just the right tone – made me feel I was together with everyone not just ‘ere on me own and to top of it all ‘er says “we’ll meet again”. Well I was singing me ‘ed orf and sobbing at the same time. Reminded me of our Winnie banging it out on the front room joanna when we all come out of the Anderson that night Kings Norton got flattened in the Blitz.

We’ll meet again – Don’t know where – Don’t know when – But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day. ‘Cept we were never gonna meet again were we, mate? Well not this side of Peter’s waiting room.

Loads of folks must be feelin’ better after listening. I told our Stephanie to listen – ‘ope she did? She rang me about an hour before – I was watching sommat about sharks – like them nature programs.

Any road Stephanie – she was the first born of Gladys (one of the twins, other being Doris of course) rang to cheer me up she said – well all she did was goo on about how terrible the news was and that her neighbour’s cousin had been taken in and was on one of them venta-watchyamacallits.

I said “Stephanie your great Grandad  – my Lenny – allus said when someone come out with something like that; ‘I once knew a man –who once knew a man who saw purple ‘orses ridin’ by’ “. ‘Er paused to cop her breath and it was obvious she dain’t ave a clue what I was on about so I said “Worry about what yer know- not what you don’t. Fix what you can – forget about what you can’t. Family first  our Steph – family first. Yow worry about your Olivia”.

“I am Gran-Grans I am”  ‘er says givin’ it that full on Brummagem whinge.  Olivia’s pregnant see and I knew what was comin’ next so I says “Now Stephanie afore you go off on what’s occurring – just remember I had three on yer in ’39, ’40 and ’41 – with bombs droppin’ and allsorts. Our Doreen – our last one, Lenny, and the one you never got to hold – why, she came out in the shelter with Mrs Patton from number 46 acting as midwife with a bucket of water and a towel wrapped up in an ‘ot water bottle.

So I concludes as forcefully as I can “whatever your Olivia’s  facin’ at them maternity watsits mek sure she does it joyously – like a Cox allus does. Why when ‘er babbie’s time comes in a few months – it’ll be real cuddles again you mark my words”.

Think I sorted ‘er ‘ed out – hope so anyway. ‘Nite Lenny – daft I know but I feel you’re actually ‘ere.


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