The Remarkable Mrs Cox Blog - Lockdown Day 10  - Lop-bop-a-loobop-a lop-bam-boom - The Bromsgrove Standard

The Remarkable Mrs Cox Blog - Lockdown Day 10  - Lop-bop-a-loobop-a lop-bam-boom

Bromsgrove Editorial 20th May, 2020   0

MRS COX continues her isolation by chatting with her husband Lenny who died 75 years earlier; just at the end of the Second World War.

Oh Lenny this won’t mean so much to you as it was a bit after your toime but a chap whose music was always being sung by our Eric and Ernie on the pitch died today. Little Richard as he went by – not long ‘ad is 87th birthday.

‘Lop bop a loo bop a lop bam boom’ wus ‘is lyrics to his first big hit Tutti Frutti back in 1956 when a course he was 23.

Breath of fresh air he was un all and he sort of heralded in the end of the war austerity- along wid Elvis the Pelvis a course – who I loved un all – but not as much as Little Richard.

He dain’t do ballads, just boisterous stuff that jus med you wanna move loike you got ants in yer pants. Amongst others he sung  ‘Long Tall Sally and ‘Good Golly Miss Molly’ as I recall. Used to like a good bop to them with the kids.

I seen ‘im loive at Brumaggem town ‘all – Lenny Junior got up a Cox shara trip as a treat. I think Jerry Lee Lewis was on the bill too ? or wus that another toime?

I know that the be-bop- a – lula chap was – that Gene Vincent, and ‘is band the Bluecaps.

Little Richard had a white satin suit on that was loike,  three toimes too big for ‘im and he banged on that Joanna as if he was a wrestling a grizzly bear. He wus what young Lenny called a piano pounder see – whereas Jerry Lee was more what you’d call ‘intricate’.

Rock ‘n’ Roll ey Lenny – you’d ‘ave loved it. I mean yow loiked nothin’ better than to ‘ave a jitterbug down the Casino back a Lewis’s when we ‘ad an occasional night out.

Then a course we went to Tony’s, the Palais de Danse and even that Madame Amy’s – but that wus a bit too serious for us that one – we were strictly come dancin’ for the fun you and me. Course we dain’t go that often and more often than not I wus pregnant but that dain’t stop us day it? Oh there’s nothing loike dressin’ up as the belle of the ball and goo’in uptown on the arms of your mon!

We saw that Henry Hall and  Jack Hylton – wondrous band leaders they was. And of course we dain’t see him but we both loved that Glenn Miller as disappeared when his plane went down somewhere on December 15th 1944 – funny how yow remember dates. Cor remember what I did yesterday but remember when Glenn Miller copt it  – loike it were yesterday

Barabadup dup dooda – rup pup a doda rup pup a doodle diddle dum

That was my version of American Patrol by the way Lenny.

H’any heave-nin – hany day – you’d find uall a-doin the Lambeth Walk.

And that wus the Lambeth Walk- which we did – yow un me

H’any heave-nin – hany day – you’d find uall a-doin the Lambeth Walk

Ha ha – Ho-ho – oops a daisy easy does it Emillee.

Well Little Richard you cheered me up then and thinkin’ on ya bucked me up a treat today. Rest in Peace chap – though I’m sure you’ll be a Lop Bop a Lu bopping up in ‘eavan given ‘alf a chance.

Not really much else to report today Lenny, Just another day in Lockdown Popland

Noight Lenny

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