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The Most Bizarre Bets Ever Placed

Editorial Correspondent 1st Feb, 2024 Updated: 1st Feb, 2024   0

Throughout history, the British have had a penchant for placing bets on just about anything. From the mundane to the utterly absurd, the United Kingdom has seen its fair share of unusual wagers that defy logic and common sense.

When it comes to placing bets, there isn’t much that really surprises us anymore. As the market expands and competition between bookies increases, operators are looking for new unique ways to attract customers and get them spending more.

We’ve ventured further than just our typical betting markets and predictions like those found in this betting terms guide and now we’re entering new territory.

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of eccentric bets and highlight some of the most strange and outrageous bets ever placed in the UK.

The Royal Baby’s Gender

In the UK, the royal family and royal events often become betting spectacles. In 2013, when Prince William and Kate Middleton were expecting their first child, bettors flocked to bookmakers to place bets on various aspects of the baby’s arrival.

One particularly unusual bet was on the gender of the royal baby. While the odds were nearly even, the spectacle of wagering on a future heir’s gender garnered significant attention.

Due to the nature of this market and how influential the royal family are in the United Kingdom, it probably makes sense that some bookmakers would capitalise on this opportunity to engage with their existing customers and try and target a new market of potential customers.

UFO Sighting Predictions

Now this one is quite bizarre and a little absurd in our opinion. But believe it or not, some Britons are willing to bet on extraterrestrial encounters. In 1966, a local resident named Joe Carpenter from Warminster, Wiltshire, placed a bet that he would see a UFO within the year.

As the story goes, Carpenter claimed to have won his bet when he witnessed strange lights in the sky. Whether it was a genuine UFO sighting or not, it remains one of the quirkiest bets in UK history.

Snow on Christmas Day

Since its entrance into the gambling predictions scene, this topic is now a yearly feature at some betting sites. Some companies love engaging in the British love to dream of a white Christmas.

Bookmakers have capitalised on this seasonal sentiment. While the odds aren’t usually in favour of a snowy holiday, the sheer anticipation and hope make this a cherished and unusual bet for many.

The “End of the World” Bet

While some people make long-term investments, others place long-term bets. In the UK, a man named John Gillies reportedly bet £1,000 that the world would end before the year 2000.

Remarkably, Gillies won his bet, though not in the way he might have hoped. His bookmaker, who happened to be his friend, passed away before the millennium, resulting in an unexpected payout.

Snail Racing Championships

The world of British eccentricity extends to snail racing. The World Snail Racing Championships, held annually in Norfolk, attracts competitors and spectators alike.

Betting on these slow-moving creatures has become a quirky tradition, with participants selecting their favourite snail and placing bets on which one will cross the finish line first.

Have We Gone Mad?

To conclude our article, it really goes to show that there is a high possibility that when it comes to betting, we have all gone mad! Nevertheless, we can also see the funny side of it; and in fact us Brits do have a sense of humour.

There will most likely be some more bizarre predictions to appear in the future, perhaps betting on the first person to reach the age of 200 or betting on how many years a prime minister can last at number 10!


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