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How online poker differs from playing in a casino

Bromsgrove Editorial 31st Oct, 2023   0

The poker industry on the internet has grown to be worth millions of dollars. Even yet, at first it was more of an interest. Currently, millions of players play the game all over the world. It is now more popular than it has ever been.

Many times, people ask themselves whether or not playing poker in person or online makes a difference. But don’t worry.

This article covers the main variations between the two forms of poker game play.

Live poker Vs. Online poker differences

While there are many parallels between these poker variants, there are also some significant differences.

They usually include;

Lower stakes

You will play against more seasoned opponents in live poker. For instance, in $1/$2 NL cash games, your opponents are more formidable than in online games. However, there are also more accessible and low-stakes online poker games that you may play for pennies.

While the stakes in online poker games are typically lower than in live games, you can still make a sizable profit by defeating an opponent.

Game pace

Playing live poker takes a lot more time. Online poker may deal with as few as half of the hands dealt in an hour as opposed to the sixty hands dealt in a conventional game. You can also play many tables at once and get more experience in the game faster when you play poker online.


Because online poker is more competitive than live poker, more recreational players are engaging in online poker. Since online games are usually played faster and with less stakes, they are consequently the greatest choice for novice players.

Skills Needed for Online Poker vs. Live Poker

In poker, the ideas are essentially the same. Both when playing in person and virtually. However, certain skills are more beneficial while playing live casino games rather than virtually.

Online Poker

  • Decision-making skills: Make decisions quickly and handle your money well when playing poker online.
  • Change of style: You also need to be able to change your style of play to suit the players you encounter.

Live Poker

  • Mind game: When playing live poker, you need to be able to read your opponents so you can modify your style of play.
  • Control your emotions: Emotional regulation is also essential, especially when a lot is at stake.

Poker popularity in Online Poker Vs. Playing in a casino

In general, especially among younger players, it is believed that online poker is more popular than live poker at casinos. Players can explore online casino games as long as they have internet access. Besides, the buy-ins for these games are typically far lower than those of live games.

According to a poll, the global market for online poker was projected to be worth $6.1 billion in 2022. This comes in comparison with the market for live poker that was expected to be worth $3.2 billion. This can be the case due to the fact that playing poker online is more affordable and convenient.

Furthermore, the study discovered that, compared to 118 million active online players, there will only be 100 million live poker players globally in 2022.

Reasons for online poker Vs. Live poker popularity

Online poker

Unlike live poker, where participants must visit a casino, players can play from any location with an internet connection. This makes the game much more convenient. It’s also more cost-effective because buy-ins for online games are typically far lower than those for live games. It offers more games, stakes, and tournament options than live poker.

Live poker

However, there are a few other things that might contribute to players’ enjoyment of live poker. Playing live poker is a more social activity. Players in live poker can converse with one another and pick up on non-verbal clues from one another. Second, live poker can occasionally be more exciting than online poker. The atmosphere at a live poker room may be way more exciting, with even higher stakes.

Poker stats

By 2032, the online poker business is expected to bring in over $283.42 billion in revenue, according to Polaris business Research. The sector is expected to increase even further. Especially as a result of the increasing use of smartphones and the internet worldwide.

More than two-thirds of the world’s population, or 5.44 billion unique mobile users, existed as of January 2023. And what’s more is that 64.4% of the world’s population are predicted to use the internet.

These numbers and trends suggest that the global online poker sector has a promising future ahead of it.


In the end, try both game styles and see which is enjoyable. This comes in handy before deciding where you’ll love to spend your money. It is a game of preference. And there is no right or wrong answer.

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