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Can You Trust Betting Tipsters?

Bromsgrove Editorial 19th Jan, 2024 Updated: 19th Jan, 2024   0

Betting tipsters are increasingly becoming popular nowadays, with thousands of gamblers using them to make betting decisions. However, the surge in popularity raises critical questions about the trustworthiness and reliability of these tipsters. On one hand, tipsters can help you win big, but on the other hand, there are dangers to relying on them.

When you read betting articles online, especially for upcoming events, a lot of them will have some sort of prediction in them, written by an author or reviewer. These are different to tipsters, as they are categorically telling you what to put your money on, but you can find insider information, latest news, unbiased predictions and basically all of the data you would need to create your own verdict. Here is an example of a trusted reviewer who writes articles on websites to help the user find information about upcoming events.

In this article, we want to turn our focus specifically to betting tipsters; people who charge others for a service that enables them to replicate bets in order to win money.

Why are Tipsters Worthwhile to Bettors?

Tipsters help you save the time and effort needed in researching teams and players to make your betting selections. But there are reasons that come down to using tipsters, including;


Professional tipsters have years of experience analysing sports and betting markets. They know how to spot value, uncover hidden gems, and predict upsets. Their expertise and insights can bring about winning betting formulas that give you an edge. Some former professional athletes even become tipsters, providing a unique perspective on their sport.


Tons of professionals concentrate on only one sport, league, or betting market. If a specific sport is your thing, these experts provide advice suited just for you and your sport of interest.

Track Record

Trusting tipsters can be compelling due to their historical records. Established and reputable tipsters keep crystal clear information on their past predictions and results. So, it’s simple to assess their accuracy and effectiveness by looking at their past work.

Validated Results 

Trustworthy tipsters let independent services confirm their predictions. This external check gives more weight to their words. If you’re among bettors who rely on expert information, you might have come across professional tipsters who openly share their predictions with outside checks. This shows they value honesty and responsibility.

What Are The Risks of Using Tipsters?

Using tipsters can be rewarding, but at the same time, there are risks involved, including;


Due to the high demand for tipsters nowadays, the cases of scams have also increased. You’ll find lots of tipster websites with no intention of helping punters win. Lots of them are sharing selections that they know very well won’t generate any profit, but unsuspecting punters fall prey anyway.

Information May Be Biassed or Inaccurate

Certain tipsters may lack a genuine understanding of gambling – they might just guess or favour specific teams or leagues. Their advice might stem more from personal feelings than fact-based assessment. The rule is looking for tipsters who support their predictions with evidence and an open approach.

Unable to Make Your own Decisions 

Relying too much on tipsters could prevent you from developing your own betting skills and instincts. You need to consider tipsters as a supplement to your own knowledge rather than a crutch. Follow tips at your discretion, and keep practising analysing odds and making your predictions.

Warning Signs to Look For

When looking for betting tipsters, there are a few warning signs you should watch out for. These signs could indicate the tipster may not actually be very helpful or knowledgeable. Here are the signs to watch out:

Lack of Transparency

A reputable tipster will openly share their betting history and record. They have nothing to hide regarding their wins and losses. If a tipster refuses to share their history or only selectively shares winning bets, that’s a red flag. You have no idea if they are actually profitable overall or just getting lucky.

Unrealistic Win Rates 

Any tipster claiming an extremely high win rate, like over 80-90%, is likely exaggerating. One one wins that often, especially in sports betting where upsets happen. Legitimate tipsters will have win rates from 55-65% for the most part. Be very wary of anyone substantially higher.

Lack of Analysis or Explanation

Great advisors don’t just hand out predictions — they provide explanations for their choices. The best part is that they delve deep into data like plater matchups, historical stats, injuries, and more. If an advisor only offers advice without any reasoning, you can’t tell if they did their research or are merely taking a shot in the dark.

Final Thoughts

There’s no shortage of betting tipsters, and the decision to trust them comes down to careful research of their expertise, track record, and varied results. While reputable tipsters provide valuable information, the risk of scams cannot be underestimated. So you need to stay alert before being conned by scammers.

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