September 29th, 2016

Rubery TKD on top of world after taking 20 medals

Updated: 3:02 pm, Jul 24, 2015

RUBERY TKD announced themselves on the world stage by winning 20 medals at the Unified International TaeKwon-Do Federation World Championships.

More than 800 competitors took part in the three-day event in London, with teams coming from as far as USA, South Africa, China and Australia.

But the eight members of the Rubery club refused to be overawed by the occasion and picked up five gold, five silver and ten bronze medals.

The age of the competitors representing Rubery ranged from ten to 48, while chief instructor Yvonne Hill led by example as she finished top of the podium in both the veteran ladies team sparring and power destruction class.

Eleanor Hill and Amy Ridgard struck gold in ladies team special techniques, while Immi Hand also finished first in the junior individual sparring section.

Yvonne Hill picked up a silver medal in the veteran ladies team patterns section along with Amy Ridgard and Eleanor Hill (ladies team patterns), Immi Hand (junior patterns) and Kai Gabriel (cadet sparring).

Meanwhile, bronze medals went to Eleanor Hill (individual patterns, team sparring and destruction), Amy Ridgard (team sparring and destruction), Megan Hirschman (junior team patterns and sparring) and Jessica Randle (individual sparring, junior team patterns and sparring).

The event also saw Rubery black belts Yvonne and Eleanor Hill, Ridgard, Simon Booth, Hirschman and Randle being chosen to represent GTUK England in the team events.

Two Rubery red belts, Hand and Gabriel, also won places in the national side.

Since Rubery TKD started four years ago, the club, which trains at Waseley Hills High School and Bournville College, has gone from strength to strength.

Chief instructor Yvonne Hill said the ‘emotion, atmosphere and camaraderie’ at the championship was something they would never forget.

“Many have returned home with friends from other parts of the world brought together by TaeKwon-Do,” she said.

“Words can’t convey how proud I am of my instructors and students.

“But, I would also like to take the opportunity to thank the parents, partners and supporters of Rubery TKD whose encouragement and dedication has helped to breed and build the success our club has enjoyed.”