September 25th, 2016

Father and son aim to go out on a high

Father and son aim to go out on a high Father and son aim to go out on a high
Updated: 3:31 pm, Oct 30, 2015

A FATHER and son are bidding to end their ‘special’ stint behind the wheel on a high when they take to the racing track for what could be the final time.

Peter and Jack Bayliss will head to Anglesey in Wales tomorrow (Saturday) to compete in the Pentraeth Kia Glyn Memorial Trophy Stages of the Senior Tarmac F1000.

The duo from Fairfield have been rally driving competitively since they built their Nissan Micra last year and experienced their best moment on the track when they won the Peter Lloyd Rally in Llanelli this month.

But after tackling four of the championship’s circuits, their partnership looks set to end to allow 19-year-old navigator Jack to concentrate on his studies.

And with a top three finish at stake, Peter said they are keen to secure another place on the podium when they line-up for the overnight race in Wales this weekend.

“The next rally is quite unusual as you will race during the night, which will be a first for us,” he said

“It gave us a buzz winning the last one, but this will be completely different as the lights will be on.

“We should hopefully get a position again. It may not be first as the competition will be tougher, but we are going to get at least a second or third.

“To win it would be absolutely brilliant because we are going knock it on the head after this race, so we would be going out on a high.”

Peter, who is sponsored by his father’s business, Bayliss Garages Ltd and Beachshacks Holiday Cottages, which his sister runs, said he has enjoyed racing with his son and was delighted to come out on top in an ‘eventful’ race in Llanelli.

“When you are doing the rally you have other cars that you come across because there are slip lanes, so you can end up with faster cars on the track with you,” the 47-year-old said.

“And in the last round of the race, we thought we might just lose out on pole position because two cars were blocking my way.

“The 1600 Peugeot 205 had to pull over to let me passed which was quite funny and the mark two escort spun out in front of me which was going to block my way.

“But luckily I just got through and we just got to the end without losing any seconds.”

He added: “The whole experience has been great because it is the only thing we have really done together as father and son.

“So to see how pleased he was last weekend when he got a trophy was a very special moment.”