September 25th, 2016

Bromsgrove League confirm constitution and cup draws

Bromsgrove League confirm constitution and cup draws Bromsgrove League confirm constitution and cup draws
Updated: 9:24 am, Jul 07, 2016

THE BROMSGROVE and District League constitution for the 2016/17 season has been confirmed following a league management committee meeting last night (Tuesday).

The Premier Division has been extended from eight to ten teams with Bartley Green Illey Sunday and Northfield Athletic promoted from Division One while Meadow Park have been double promoted from Division Two.

Redditch and South Warwickshire Combination outfits Black Horse and Millfield Rovers have joined the Premier Division while Pilkington Sunday complete the line-up.

Division One welcomes Oak Tree Sporting (relegated from Premier Division) with FC Highgate United (formerly Rednal Social Club) promoted from Division Two and Rubery FC double promoted from Division Three.

Two new sides in Bromsgrove Athletico and Quinton Athletic have joined the league while Redditch Combination outfit Red Lion have also made the move across.

Division Two has dropped its numbers from 11 to ten with AFC Northfield and Spa Athletic coming in from Division One and Callowbrook Swifts Green promoted from Division Three.

Rubery Juniors have renamed themselves as Redditch United Sundays, Studley Lions have moved from the Redditch Combination while Winyates FC are a new side to the division.

Division Three has increased its numbers from ten to 12 for the forthcoming season with Bromsgrove Academicals (formerly Bromsgrove Brentnal) relegated from Division Two.

AFC Millfields and Stoke Sporting Reserves have renamed themselves as Millfield Rovers Reserves and Stoke Works respectively for the new season while two new sides in Cofton Falcons Old Boys and Meadow Park Youth join the league.

Rubery Legends from the Redditch Combination have also been placed in Division Three for the 2016/17 season.

The full Bromsgrove and District League constitution is as follows:

Premier Division

Alcester Town, Bartley Green Illey Sunday, Belbroughton Athletic, Black Horse, Meadow Park, Millfield Rovers, Northfield Athletic, Pilkington Sunday, Rubery Athletic, Thomas Brothers.

Division One

Bromsgrove Athletico, Chaddesley Corbett, FC Highate United, FC Hop Pole, Oak Tree Sporting, Quinton Athletic, Red Lion, Rubery FC, Sporting Rednal, Wychbold RBL.

Division Two

AFC Northfield, Awkies Allstars, Callowbrook Swifts Green, Hewell, Hizza United, Redditch United Sundays, Spa Athletic, Studley Lions, Sporting Club Redditch, Winyates FC.

Division Three

Arrow Valley, Bromsgrove Academicals, Bromsgrove Corinthians, Chaddesley Corbett Reserves, Cofton Falcons Old Boys, FC Bromsgrove, Laburnum, Meadow Park Youth, Millfield Rovers Reserves, Rubery Legends, Stoke Prior, Stoke Works.

THE DRAWS for the Bromsgrove League Rose Bowl Cup, Centenary Cup, Division One Cup, Premier Cup, Bridgwater Cup, LMS Shield and WA Harris Cup were also made last night.

Rose Bowl Preliminary Round draw

Bromsgrove Corinthians vs Bromsgrove Academicals

Cofton Falcons Old Boys vs Arrow Valley

Meadow Park Youth vs Stoke Works

Laburnum vs Stoke Prior

Rose Bowl Quarter-Final draw

FC Bromsgrove vs Chaddesley Corbett Reserves

Millfield Rovers Reserves vs Rubery Legends

Centenary Cup Preliminary Round draw

Winyates FC vs Callowbrook Swifts Green (tie 1)

Spa Athletic vs Hewell (tie 2)

Centenary Cup Quarter-Final draw

Winner of Tie 1 vs Redditch United Sundays

Winner of Tie 2 vs Sporting Club Redditch

Hizza United vs Studley Lions

AFC Northfield vs Awkies Allstars

Division One Cup Preliminary Round draw

GLA vs FC Highgate United (tie 1)

Chaddesley Corbett vs Wychbold RBL (tie 2)

Division One Cup Quarter-Final draw

Quinton Athletic vs Bromsgrove Athletic

Sporting Rednal vs Winner of Tie 1

Winner of Tie 2 v Rubery FC

Oak Tree Sporting vs Red Lion

Premier Cup Preliminary Round draw

Millfield Rovers vs Black Horse (tie 1)

Pilkington Sunday vs Rubery Athletic (tie 2)

Premier Cup Quarter-Final Draw

Bartley Green Illey Sunday vs Northfield Athletic

Winner of Tie 1 vs Meadow Park

Thomas Brothers vs Alcester Town

Belbroughton Athletic vs Winner of Tie 2

Bridgwater Cup Group Stage draw

Group A – Bromsgrove Academicals, Hewell, Laburnum, Spa Athletic, Stoke Prior, Callowbrook Swifts Green

Group B – Winyates FC, Arrow Valley, Studley Lions, Millfield Rovers Reserves, AFC Northfield, Stoke Works

Group C – FC Bromsgrove, Redditch United Sundays, Cofton Falcons Old Boys, Sporting Club Redditch, Chaddesley Corbett Reserves

Group D – Awkies Allstars, Rubery Legends, Hizza United, Meadow Park Youth, Bromsgrove Corinthians

LMS Shield Group Stage draw

Group A – Belbroughton Athletic, FC Highgate United, Pilkington Sunday, Quinton Athletic, Rubery Athletic

Group B – Sporting Rednal, Northfield Athletic, Chaddesley Corbett, Black Horse, Rubery

Group C – Thomas Brothers, Red Lion, Alcester Town, Oak Tree Sporting, Bartley Green Illey Sunday

Group D – Wychbold RBL, Meadow Park, Bromsgrove Athletico, Millfield Rovers, GLA

WA Harris Cup Preliminary Round draw

Chaddesley Corbett Reserves vs Callowbrook Swifts Green (tie 1)

Bromsgrove Atheltico vs Winyates (tie 2)

Oak Tree Sporting vs Millfield Rovers Reserves (tie 3)

Black Horse vs Rubery Legends (tie 4)

Meadow Park vs AFC Northfield (tie 5)

Colfton Falcons Old Boys vs Bromsgrove Academicals (tie 6)

Bromsgrove Corinthians vs Rubery Athletic (tie 7)

Hewell vs Rubery (tie 8)

Redditch United Sunday vs Northfield Athletic (tie 9)

Sporting Club Redditch vs GLA (tie 10)

WA Harris Cup First Round draw

Chaddesley Corbett vs FC Highgate United

Winner of Tie 1 vs Red Lion

Winner of Tie 2 vs Pilkington Sunday

Millfield Rovers vs Spa Athletic

Sporting Rednal vs Studley Lions

Winner of Tie 3 vs Winner of Tie 4

FC Bromsgrove vs Belbroughton Athletic

Winner of Tie 5 vs Winner of Tie 6

Hizza United vs Laburnum

Bartley Green Illey Sunday vs Quinton Athletic

Thomas Brothers vs Meadow Park Youth

Winner of Tie 7 vs Winner of Tie 8

Winner of Tie 9 vs Winner of Tie 10