September 25th, 2016

‘Why is Bromsgrove Police’s new front counter open?’

‘Why is Bromsgrove Police’s new front counter open?’ ‘Why is Bromsgrove Police’s new front counter open?’
Updated: 10:55 am, May 07, 2015

A BROMSGROVE District Councillor is calling on the police to open the police front counter of the town’s new blue light centre which, he said, is still not available to residents, two months after the building was up-and-running.

And Coun Rory Shannon has written to the West Mercia Police Crime and Commissioner Bill Longmore to ask why nothing has been done.

In his letter he writes: “Before the move, Bromsgrove’s old station benefited from a staffed counter, but now it appears this service has not been transferred yet over to the new site.”

Coun Shannon told The Standard he had been contacted by residents who had either had to use an intercom system or had been directed to Kidderminster or Redditch police stations where there were front counters.

“I would just like to check this is a temporary arrangement and not a permanent change to the service level of Bromsgrove policing.” he added in the letter.

He concluded by asking whether the counter would be opening and, if so, why there had been a delay.

“I would be very disappointed, as would residents, if a service had been withdrawn without consultation.” he said.

The Standard contacated Mr Longmore who said he had been down to Bromsgrove’s new blue light centre and was aware of the situation surrounding the police station’s front counter.

He said a meeting of senior management staff would be taking place today (Friday) where a decision was due to be made on front counters.

He added he would be raising the issue of Bromsgrove’s front counter.