September 28th, 2016

Warden hits out at owners of dog left to starve on the streets of Bromsgrove

WORCESTERSHIRE dog warden has hit out at the owners of a cross-breed which was found in Bromsgrove, starving, severely emaciated and dehydrated.

Maisie, believed to be a boxer crossed with a labrador,  was picked up by Worcestershire Regulatory Services.

The animal was rushed to the council vets so she could be given fluids, antibiotics and treatment for diarrhoea.

Since then she has had further veterinary treatment, which is continuing, and she is now currently at a foster home.

But dog warden Pip Singleton said the situation ‘broke her heart’.

“While she has really come out of her shell, I cannot get the image of her out of my mind.

“Maisie will go on to have a happy and healthy life – but it’s all at the expense of the tax-payer which could have been avoided if the owners – or neighbours – had called us so we could have got her to a loving home.

“The heartless people who did this to her obviously couldn’t care for her and didn’t deserve such a loving animal.”

She appealed to any pet owners who were struggling to look after or care for their animals to call the Dog Warden Service on 01905 822799 to prevent another situation as bad as Maisie’s.