October 1st, 2016

Votes needed for community Northfield bus

Votes needed for community Northfield bus Votes needed for community Northfield bus

NORTHFIELD residents have been asked to cast their vote to see a special community bus project become a reality.

People can now have their say on what project they would like to see commissioned in their area by The Aviva Community Fund which offers support and funding to inspirational schemes.

The Northfield Community Bus proposals put forward by the Northfield Community Partnership looks to introduce a vehicle which can be used especially for community projects.

The bus would collect food from supermarkets and bakeries to deliver to older peoples’ groups and would be used for luncheon and breakfast clubs and community organisations such as the YMCA and women’s refuge.

It would also collect vegetables and fresh produce from the charity’s community garden and to collect reusable items for recycling projects and events.

The bus will also act as a play ranger service going to different areas in the local community where there is no play or sports activities for young people.

It will pop up with play equipment and workers during the summer and school holidays as well as after school to locations on a rolling basis.

Rebecca Debenham, the charity’s operations manager, said: “Please vote so we can fund a Community Bus For Northfield project.

“Northfield appears in the top ten per cent of deprived areas throughout the country, there are higher levels of unemployment than average and Northfield has just been announced as the worst place in the UK for paying the living wage.

“Much work is needed to address this current disadvantage and this project will do this by contributing to the foodbank, providing free activities for low income families and supporting other local community groups and members of the community.”

Visit community-fund.aviva.co.uk/voting/project/802 to cast your vote and support the cause