September 25th, 2016

Vandals wreck new bicycle stand in Rubery

Updated: 11:08 am, May 07, 2015

A BRAND new Rubery bicycle stand was ruined by vandals within days of it being installed.

It is believed the bike rack in Callowbrook Park was targeted between 9am on April 15 and 10pm on April 22 when three of the metal racks were snapped off causing permanent damage.

The rack, which is by the ball court, is set to be repaired and re-installed in a more open position closer to the entrance of the park where it is visible by CCTV cameras as well as residents.

Christine McDonald, who is campaigning for a seat in the local elections and who used more than £500 from her ward funds to pay for the stand, said it was depressing the acts of a minority could give a bad name to the village’s young people.

“The young people need a bike stand and the actions of a few will not deprive the overwhelming majority of young people from having such an amenity.” she added.

“Such vandalism will never put us off trying to improve amenities for Rubery.”

John Godwin, Bromsgrove District Council’s head of leisure and cultural services, said it was unfortunate someone had decided to damage the rack.

“Hopefully the culprits will be identified.” he added.