September 28th, 2016

Union figurehead back for a look at Longbridge

Union figurehead back for a look at Longbridge Union figurehead back for a look at Longbridge
Updated: 10:44 am, May 07, 2015

THE MAN who was the Transport and General Workers’ Union for 12 years returned to Longbridge this week to see how far the area had come since the collapse of MG Rover.

Bill Morris met up with the Labour Parliamentary candidate for Northfield Richard Burden on the former factory site to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the car plant’s demise.

The area is currently undergoing a £1billion regeneration which is aimed at creating 10,000 jobs.

On seeing the transformation, Baron Morris said: “The whole area has faced huge economic challenges. Nevertheless, it’s good to see this regeneration.”

And he added, while Longbridge was growing, the workers and their families who lost their jobs and livelihoods must never be forgotten, nor their fight to get statutory redundancy repayments.

“It was the unions who applied to employment tribunals to protect those payments for MG Rover employees.” he said.

He also praised Mr Burden for his work in boosting jobs and opportunities.

Mr Burden said he shared residents’ vision for more investment, skills and opportunities for now and the next generation.

“Longbridge is building a new future — but we’re not finished yet.” he said.

“I will continue to make sure your voice is heard and to push for action to boost jobs and opportunities.”