September 28th, 2016

Tributes paid to big-hearted host of Bromsgrove Kindness Day

Tributes paid to big-hearted host of Bromsgrove Kindness Day Tributes paid to big-hearted host of Bromsgrove Kindness Day
Updated: 4:52 pm, Apr 28, 2016

TRIBUTES have been paid to the man with the big personality and even bigger heart who used to host the Bromsgrove day of Kindness after he passed away last week.

Trevor T Wilson suffered a heart attack on Friday (April 22) and died in hospital on Sunday (April 24). The performer, who was only in his early 50s and had young son, was well known in the town for his musical talents and would walk up and down the high Street singing classics like Me and Mrs Jones to the passers-by and playing his trumpet.

Friend and founder of the day of kindness, Phil Haynes, said Trevor T even used to walk into the stores belting some of his favorites and the shoppers loved it.

“He was a really great guy, with a really big heart, “ he said.

So kind and so talented. He was a professional entertainer but he did all the work for me for free. That was just the kind of man he was.

“It was such a surprise. I had not spoken to him for a while and I thought just last week I had better contact him and then I learned on Monday he had gone.”

Lorenzzo Richards, the owner of the Wildmoor Oak, said Trevor lived his life to make others happy and when they took part in the day of kindness together, he saw the amazing influence he had on the town.

“It is such sad sad news. He was taken far too soon. It was not that long ago he told me they had just had a baby and he was over the moon as any dad would be.”

Trevor would perform at the pub where Lorenzzo said people would book a table to hear him sing while they dined and when it was someone’s birthday he would put their name in a song and make it special for them.

“He would have people in stitches. it was like he thought I am happy and want everyone else to be happy. His smile was infectious and he touched a lot of people’s lives.

“I am so proud I got to know him. I just can’t believe he has been taken from us so soon. It all just seems so wrong.

“I looked around on those days and thought this is amazing. He will be greatly missed.”