September 29th, 2016

Team Windsept Aspire to raise lots of cash

Team Windsept Aspire to raise lots of cash Team Windsept Aspire to raise lots of cash
Updated: 10:49 am, May 07, 2015

A TEAM of Bromsgrove daredevils will undertake a skydive on October 18 to raise funds for Aspire, a charity which helps those with spinal injuries.

It has been organised by Debbie Gardner whose partner Oz suffers daily from spinal injuries. He has shattered discs and vertebrae and nerves trapped which causes agonising pain. He also has a thyroidectomy and a three wall orbital decompression on his eyes all due to accidents in his past. The pair have just moved to Sugarbrook Road.

Debbie’s eldest daughter Emma, her partner Ben, her younger daughter Mary and her partner Kieran, along with youngest son David will all be leaping out of the plane to raise funds for the cause as part of Team Windswept.

Debbie told The Standard: “Oz certainly doesn’t have it easy, yet he has made us proud and through the pain, many operations and medication he has managed to look after his family building his own path and own career in starting up.

“There are many people with a spinal injury – some are full time wheelchair users, others may lose their sensory or muscle control.

“With the money we raise, it will go towards projects and programmes enabling others to rebuild their lives, give them their independence back and drive them to fulfil their hopes and ambitions.”

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