September 29th, 2016

Stoke Prior talent group take to the stage at Disneyland Paris

Stoke Prior talent group take to the stage at Disneyland Paris Stoke Prior talent group take to the stage at Disneyland Paris
Updated: 2:00 pm, May 20, 2016

IT HAS been a busy few months for members of the Stage Door Dance Academy who have taken to the stage at Disneyland Paris, competed in a dance festival and performed at the Stoke Parish Fete.

The Stoke Prior-based group embarked on a magical four-day adventure across the English Channel where they participated in a Disney Pre-Parade and performed at the resort.

They were supported by 65 family members and friends for what was the organisation’s second visit to the Paris attraction.

Principal Martina Ponsonby said: “It was just as special this time around, particularly for some of the students who were also involved in the first trip in 2007.

“Since the trip, everyone has gathered together for a social evening to watch the recording of the event and relive the memories.”

She added the students were actively involved in the fund-raising for the huge project.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank the local community in its support of their aims which helped turn an opportunity into a reality.

“The children performed beautifully on the day and the Disney representatives commented on what a professional and discipline performance the children gave and that we were a wonderful school to work with.

“High praise indeed which made several months of rehearsals and commitment that much more worthwhile and rewarding.”

Since then, the school has competed at a dance festival in Warwickshire where students won medals in all categories.

The impressive haul included seven gold, four silver and three bronze medals.

“To win 17 medals our of 17 entries is a great achievement and students also received awards for the highest marks in the festival for the Intermediate and Senior Trio categories.”

The school also supported Stoke Parish Fete recently with a performance and students will also be performing at the Bromsgrove Carnival in July. That will be their 16th Carnival.