October 1st, 2016

Standard reader gives Leo’s tale happy ending

Standard reader gives Leo’s tale happy ending Standard reader gives Leo’s tale happy ending
Updated: 10:58 am, May 07, 2015

A DOG who made the headlines after being run over on the M5 has found his forever home.

Gill Rowland and her husband are now the proud owners of Leo – a lhasa apso and bichon frise cross who was found by motorway police on the road last December.

He was immediately taken to the vets to be checked over but had a number of severe injuries including a break near the bottom of his spine which meant he had to have his tail amputated – racking up vet bills of more than £800.

Due to the huge costs and the after care the three-year-old pooch needed, his owner was forced to give him up to the charity.

After seeing an article in The Standard Mrs Rowland got in contact with the The Animal House Rescue which was caring for Leo and put herself forward to be his owner.

Mrs Rowland said someone from the charity then called her up and asked to visit her house.

She added when she came she brought Leo and he has been there ever since.

Mrs Rowland said Leo had settled in well, enjoying his two brothers – eight-year-old Bertie and Rolly, ten, who are both bichon frise.

She added: “It is like he has always been here.

“I did not think I would be chosen but I was – we are the lucky ones.

“He has bought a lot of life to the house – all the toys are out, it is like having another child again.

“The other two have started to play now, they were stuck in their ways before and the toys had not been out for ages.”