September 29th, 2016

Speeding motorist spark calls for traffic calming measures in Stoke Prior

Updated: 10:52 am, May 07, 2015

SPEEDING cars have prompted calls for traffic calming measures to be installed on a road in Stoke Prior.

John Ellis, who is also standing as a local election candidate in the Avoncroft ward, was contacted by a resident about vehicles speeding on Shaw Lane and is now calling for action to be taken.

“There have been mobile speed cameras in the area before, but they don’t seem to act as a deterrent.” he said.

“It has been going on for so long but there is no long-term plan for the area – we need something done before someone gets seriously injured or killed.”

He said the peak times were first thing in the morning as people made their way to work and in the evening as they came home.

He added not much usually happened at night, but there had been occasions when the area had been used by boy racers.

A spokeswoman for the Safer Roads Partnership said: “We carried out speed enforcement activity on Shaw Lane in Stoke Prior between November 2012 and May 2014.

“Within this time, the speed of vehicles reduced significantly enough for enforcement activity to cease.

“If the local community is concerned that the speed of vehicles using the road has increased again, we would encourage them to contact their local parish council or safer neighbourhood team which can approach us on behalf of local residents if there is a significant level of community concern.”

Mr Ellis said, in his role as secretary of the association of Neighbourhood Watches, he had spoken to the police.

He added he was now looking into obtaining a speed gun for residents to use so information could be collected, collated and reported to local officers.